Security Architect – Kubernetes Expert

  • Full-time

Company Description

Founded in 2015, BPCE Infogérance & Technologies is a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, dedicated to Infrastructures, End-User Environment, Security and Production. Driven by growth, expertise, transformation and agility, this project embraces an international mindset and a diverse skill set. You’ll find yourself in a dynamic and enriching workplace or, as we like to name it, a real tech playground, where you’ll be able to explore a huge tech stack. 

Job Description

Team Presentation and Main Goal: 

Cloud Security team has like main mission is to ensure the security of BPCE resources and projects in BPCE Regulated Public Cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP). It also provides security for containers on-premise & Cloud. 

  To ensure this security, the team’s activity is structured around three mains axes: 

  1- Design axis - With the main objective "Security by Design"   

The team has in charge to ensures that all public cloud services and architectures are compliant with BPCE IT Security Golden Rules. The team Operate the Security analisys for each Services and identify how the services must be configured et how the architecture must be designed to be Secure with the appropriate controls .   

2- DevSecOps axe - With as main objective "Secure Build and Control" 

  The team has in charge of implementing automated security controls in CI/CD pipeline using “Sentinel Hashicorp” solution for the. This controls ensure that all infrastructures built by code are compliant with BPCE IT Security Golden rules before there creation in the cloud. 

 3- Monitoring and supervision of security axe   - With the main objective "Cloud & Container Resources under control" 

  The team has in charge of implementing automated security controls via CSPM & CWPP solutions and via cloud native provider tools to ensures a real time detection of non-compliance services and resources running in the public cloud infrastructure.  

The team ensure also  for the follow-up of remediation all non-compliant resources detected with the owners of the resources. 

Role Explanation:

As a Security Architect, you will be a member of the Cloud, Application and Data Protection security team - a team operating at the heart of the IT Security in the bank.

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team distributed between Porto and France that works on all topics related to application, cloud and architecture security. You will be assisting the team in their areas of operation, performing tasks such as:

  • Designing and implementing Container security recommendations, both from a project architecture and control implementation point of view
  • Ensure compliance with the Container security rules of the BPCE group
  • Assisting Infrastructure and Security teams to define and implement safe container standards in the bank (image security & automation, kubernetes secure architecture on-premise and cloud, cluster controls, …)
  • Validating and reviewing architecture security for critical Cloud and Container business projects
  • Creating security workflows and controls for deployment and auditing of containers
  • Assist business lines in evaluating and understanding container security problems and their respective mitigations

We are looking for someone enthusiastic about security, and with good knowledge Container best practices to join our team. In this role, you will have the chance to work with a wide array of technologies, and develop your expertise on both container and cloud topics while working alongside seasoned security professionals.

Whether you are a seasoned SRE engineer with experience in maintaining clusters up and running, or a security architect familiar with container technologies, if you are looking to further your experience on Cloud and Container Security, then here’s your chance!


Technical Competences:

  • Experience in Kubernetes or Openshift configuration or management
  • Knowledge of Openshift and/or Kubernetes networking and architecture
  • Nice to have: basic experience in container or Kubernetes Cloud services (any of GCP, AWS, or Azure)
  • Nice to have: experience in development and/or scripting (Python or others), and/or integrating containers in CI/CD tools is a plus
  • Minimum 3 years experience in similar roles

Other competences:

  • Very good level of English
  • The candidate must have a real interest in security
  • Capable of summarizing findings and presenting them to management
  • Capable of collaborating with diverse teams & integrating diverse areas of knowledge
  • Autonomous and innovative
  • Good communication skills

Additional Information

Candidate’s Journey: 

Following your online application, you’ll be contacted by one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists. The next steps would be to meet our business experts (Team Leaders and Team Managers), welcome and onboard you into the Team. 


Few other things you should know: 

This career opportunity is based in Porto, right in the heart of the city, and offers a hybrid working model. 

Last but not least, we invite you to discover what a day in your like could look like: 

Early morning. Campo 24 de Agosto. In 4 minutes, you are clocking in at the office. Start your day having breakfast with the Team and grab fresh fruit on the way to your seat, in one of Porto’s most typical neighborhoods. This Purple Day is going to be a busy one: daily meeting ensuring all team members are on the same page regarding work status, priorities and blockers, language class and, just after, a Talent Management meeting with your manager, discussing your career path. 

Lunch break. Today, your Team is onboarding newcomers, but also welcoming French colleagues: the perfect excuse to walk downtown and bond over a francesinha. When returning, inhale nature and peace of mind in Natixis Urban Garden (look at the crops; ready to harvest!). 

Back inside. Brainstorming session on a new, exciting project in our disruptive and immersive Manaus Village. The afternoon went flying (tasks, meetings, some jokes with your teammates). End it on a high note: celebrating cultural diversity with a Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. 

Tomorrow, you attend a conference led by influential speakers in your industry and, the day after, you will work from home, benefitting from some focus time to complete that report and soft skills course on LinkedIn Learning. Once you are done with your work for the day, strike the right note playing with Natixis band or be part of a board games session. If that is too steady for you, meet your colleagues to catch some waves or sail the Douro river during golden hour. 

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