Garden Center - General Manager

  • Full-time

Company Description

Garden Seventeen is a one-stop greenhouse and garden store destination in the heart of central Austin. Our goal is to empower DIY gardeners and plant lovers with everything they need to transform their living spaces, from backyards and front porches to high-rise balconies and kitchen windowsills.

From the award-winning team behind Native Edge Landscape, Garden Seventeen was built to bring the same quality of service and gardening expertise to a fun, inclusive retail experience where everyone is welcome, from gardening enthusiasts to garden-curious beginners.

Our vibrant garden store includes an expertly curated plant nursery, high-quality gardening supplies and materials, and a wide selection of local pottery and garden art. We also host hands-on workshops, inspiring demonstrations, and other interactive events to help Austinites level up their gardening knowledge and bring their dream landscapes and indoor plantscapes to life.

Native Edge Landscape is not your typical landscape design firm. Grown from seed right here in Austin, Native Edge is a full-service landscaping business committed to responsibility—to our environment, our community, and our clients. 

Job Description

Your Role 

Proactively coordinate, manage, and oversee all Garden Seventeen day to day operations to maintain profitability standards

Your Supervisor

Rodney Stoutenger, Owner

Key Expectations

  • Maintain productive, on-time schedules across all departments and aspects of the company; key objective is to run and operate the company in a clean, clear and maintained fashion to maintain profitability and general growth of the company
  • Clearly communicate and enforce procedures, company policies and expectations with all employees
  • Coordinate and supervise all company-related tasks and requirements
  • Ensure consistent, clear communication with all departments and department coordination and training
  • Responsible for maintaining all safety procedures and emergency procedures company wide
  • Be a key point of contact for the company across all aspects such as, but not limited to; emergencies, complaints with customers or employees, rewards, maintaining a legal proper work place, maintain the integrity and general vision of the company and it’s beliefs and vision with company brand in mind
  • Prepare quarterly reports and attend Quarterly Business Meeting with Owner of the company to discuss and review company performance, policy challenges or updates, and general business overview


Primary Responsibilities

  • Greet customers upon entry and exit of Garden Seventeen with a positive, welcoming attitude
  • Manage the company, and all legalities to ensure all work is completed, and submitted on time with proper paperwork and presentation / merchandising quality
  • Maintain consistent, clear in-house communication among the department heads and the full company, as needed
  • Host all All Staff Meetings, as well as Manager Meetings and all legal or complaint meetings with employees or customers
  • Maintain all notes, and record keeping for all Hosted Meetings
  • Oversee all department management issues: merchandising quality, vendor needs, procedure questions, employee grievances and concerns, employee performance, customer grievances and concerns, and maintaining sales numbers and productivity amongst all teams
  • Delegate specific duties and expectations to Floor Manager, Receiving Manager, Head Cashier and all department head employees on a weekly or daily basis as needed
  • Complete budgeting on a weekly basis to maintain proper cash flow and profitability to ensure no accounts become delinquent, and ensure all account payments and bills are paid on time
  • Supervise the company’s team attendance, job performance, and skill development, noting any disciplinary actions or performance concerns with company team members as needed
  • Uphold and enforce all company policies and rules/regulations throughout every facet of the company
  • Manage all complaint-related emails, phone calls/voicemails, requests, and general issues
  • Ensure all work logs are being completed and entered appropriately by each team member
  • Maintain accurate records of all team employee notes, meetings, etc within our appropriate program(s)
  • Maintain and manage all department budgeting, hosting quarterly sales meetings with all teams, and department specific meetings to product high quality displays as well as merchandising to accomplish proper sales
  • Implement all company or department ideas and changes when deemed appropriate with appropriate sign-off from supervisor
  • Create and submit full accident reports when necessary; employee, vehicle, and otherwise
  • Maintain proper employee access as necessary across all positions, and report to Human Resources regularly
  • Maintain proper hierarchy across all positions, as needed
  • Report and work with Director of Technology & Marketing for all marketing (internal and external) as needed
  • Report to Human Resources as needed to ensure and maintain all employee paperwork, and its completion and accuracy as needed
  • Maintain and oversee end of year clean up of all files, documents, etc to ensure all records are accurately kept and turn in to Corporate
  • Maintain and create all necessary company documents when deemed appropriate by your supervisor, this may include the creation of new documents when needed signed off on by your supervisor. All new document, policy, and general work flow changes and updates must be submitted and signed off on during the Quarterly Business Meeting with the Owner
  • Manage and oversee all hiring and firing decisions for final sign off for each department, working closely with each department head and Floor Manager as needed
  • Approve all office orders, and in-house materials required
  • Have a radio/walkie-talkie with you at all times for in-house communications
  • Maintain all company property and devices with care and respect


Secondary Responsibilities

  • Answer incoming customer calls
  • Assist with office product and material orders, as needed
  • Assist with processing in new plant materials and products, as needed
  • Assist with add-on sales and all customer requests, when appropriate
  • Assist with watering plant materials, as needed
  • Attend all applicable company meetings, required
  • Contribute to the maintenance, organization and cleanliness of Garden Seventeen facilities
  • Contribute to proper open and closing duties of Garden Seventeen facility
  • Fill in voids as needed throughout company


  • Retail management experience
  • Knowledge of plants and plant care
  • Knowledge of Garden Center industry preferred
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to multitask.
  • Outstanding punctuality and attention to detail.
  • Computer savvy with the ability to work with Apple products (OS X/ MacOS, iPhone, iPad) and Google Calendar.
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving with strong decision-making skills.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.


  • Health, Vision, and Dental Available after 90 days
  • Free checking account from Frost
  • Yearly Personal & Sick Days
  • Vacation Days