Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description

NOBI helps people easily get more from their crypto asset & simplify their crypto investment experience. Our engineering team run hundreds of blockchain nodes, integrates with numerous DeFi smart contracts and run numerous real time robo trading to simplify the life our customers. 

We’re here so that everyone can be part of the global cryptocurrency movement. Join us.

Job Description

As Senior DevOps you will benchmark system performance, build automation tool, enhance deployment process, secure servers, run security exercise, DR plans, build service monitoring, pinpoint infrastructure issues and involved with system designs.

This includes not only the execution, but also planning, prioritization & budgeting. You need to use all the tools you build (or enforce their usage) to maintain system availability (especially production environment) close to 100% at all times (including adrenaline-rushing emergency situations & keeping up with normal maintenance)

You will closely work with our developer division to ensure the product development needed within infrastructure is fulfilled , and when needed you and are also responsible to assist developer team debugging certain case that might affected system stability


  • Having 4 years of experience with DevOps practices, including infrastructure as code, continuous integration, and automated deployment.
  • At least 2 years of experience with container and microservices technology (Docker,  Kubernetes, etc).
  • Experience with Monitoring and Alerting systems (using Grafana, Prometheus, NewRelic, etc).
  • Automation scripting (using scripting languages such as Terraform, Ansible etc).
  • Experienced in Cloud Provider (Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Alicloud, etc).
  • Strong AWS and/or GCP knowledge to architect a solid infrastructure built for scalability, resilience, and security & cost optimisation.
  • Understands essential security practices in managing Server & Networking.
  • Skilled in Bash scripting and general Linux commands.
  • Understanding of CI/CD and available tools.
  • Strong analytical skill & capability to think the bigger picture.
  • Thirst for knowledge and new technologies.