Galley Utility #1- French Market (M/F)

  • Rua de Miragaia 103, 4050-386 Porto, Portugal
  • Contract
  • Funcao / Job: Galley Utility

Company Description

Mystic Cruises is an expedition ocean cruise line offering an incredibly intimate view of some of the world’s most exciting destinations, including Antarctica, the Arctic region, Northern Europe, and the Mediterranean, in an ecofriendly way, but with all the comfort of a fivestar service. Mystic Cruises sail into the heart of landmark cities, as well as to small, exclusive ports where larger vessels cannot enter, to provide our guests onceinalifetime experiences. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Mystic Cruises implemented technological innovations on its ships in order to ensure a minimal impact of its operations.

Job Description

  • The Utility No 1 shall ensure that all areas assigned to his care are maintained up to USPH and Company standards;
  • To manage sanitation and hygiene in all galleys and pantry areas onboard;
  • In charge of the ordering, safe storage, and issuing of all cleaning chemicals in the Galley department, as specified by the Provision Master;
  • Instruct new Galley Utilities in their work procedures as specified by the Company, USPH regulations, and chemical handling and storage;
  • Ensure the proper storage of food items in the galley areas, in accordance to proper temperatures, separation of items, stacking, and storage depths as well as cleanliness in all the storage spaces;
  • Ensure that Dish Wash areas are operating efficiently, including the pass/dirty area, garbage handling, proper washing of all items;
  • Ensure that the scullery areas are operated efficiently at all times as per USPH regulations, garbage handling, proper washing and sanitizing of all items, and storage of same;
  • Ensure that all countertops, refrigerators and their door seals, slicing machines, mixers and other galley equipment are washed and sanitized in accordance with present regulations and Company standards;
  • Ensure that decks and bulkheads are washed and sanitized in accordance with present regulations and Company standards;
  • Ensure that all ventilation and filters are cleaned every other day, or more frequently if needed;
  • Ensure that cleaning materials and utensils are properly stored in the correct lockers;
  • Ensure that all food and equipment lifts are maintained in a clean and orderly fashion;
  • Ensure that all food transport trolleys are washed and sanitized regularly, at least on a daily basis;
  • Report any maintenance issues to the Sous Chef and to follow up;
  • Create cleaning and sanitation procedures for your team in cooperation with the Sous Chef;
  • Work closely with the Staff Captain, Sous Chef and Executive Chef a to ensure USPH compliance at all times;
  • Work closely with the Staff Captain and Bosun to ensure that the onboard pest control program is maintained;
  • Daily spot checks for respective Fridges and Work Stations;
  • To complete a Work Registration Form every week and submit it to the Sous Chef in a timely manner;
  • To adhere to all Company Policies and Procedures, Manuals and Directives;
  • Other responsibilities, as assigned, but not limited to the above.


  • College degree required, preferably a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate or other related course(s);
  • Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a hotel or two (2) years onboard a cruise ship in a similar position required;
  • Advanced knowledge of Public Health and Sanitation Regulations and Procedures preferred;
  • Very good spoken and written English;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Must have very good organizational skills and show attention to detail;
  • Must undergo onboard USPH and HACCP training;
  • Must have initiative and the ability to work independently;
  • Must be able to remain calm under pressure;
  • Must be service minded with an outgoing, charming and friendly personality.

Additional Information

Financial Responsibilities

  • To be cost conscious with the use of cleaning materials and consumables;
  • To keep water consumption down and to and limit water damage on equipment by using water properly and effectively during cleaning;
  • To keep crockery and glassware breakages to a minimum;
  • To ensure that Company property is maintained and treated with respect at all times.

Safety Responsibilities

  • To properly use Personal Protective Equipment in work areas at all times;
  • To practice Safe Lifting Techniques at all times;
  • To practice Safe/Proper Galley Equipment handling at all times;
  • To be familiar with the Ship`s Emergency Plan;
  • To do In Port Manning duties as scheduled and as required by Company policy.

Emergency Duties

  • To follow instructions noted on Safety Card;
  • To participate in Guest/Crew Lifeboat Drills as per instructions;
  • Other safety responsibilities, as assigned, but not limited to the above.

Team Communication and Meetings

  • To communicate with the Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Staff Captain and Bosun on a regular basis;
  • To schedule and obtain meetings with the Galley Utilities on a regular basis. 

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