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Apply to join the passionate mentors who share their expertise and knowledge with the world. You'll collaborate with some of the industry's top producers, directors, and editors so that your content is presented in the best possible light.

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Welcome to Mondosol – nice to meet you!

We’re doing something no one has ever done before and we need your help. Mondosol offers an Educational Travel experience, with a combination of tours, site visits and learning opportunities.

Mondosol is a business model that’s improving the $500bn hospitality industry. We have scaled rapidly in just three years to be the Hospitality leader with international teams in major destinations - Venice, Milan, Rome, Malta, Malaga and Canary islands.

Mondosol was featured by the Italian newspaper Repubblica and ranked #3 in Airbnb Italy by Confederalberghi and #21 by StartUp Ranking. We’re improving over 250 accommodations working together with people to create the best experience.

Job Description

As a Mondosol mentor, you can:

  • Help people reach professional and personal goals
  • Learn valuable skills applicable to your professional life
  • Benefit from the massive visibility our platforms provide
  • Earn extra income


About Working with Us

We’re a team of talented, smart, passionate content creators who share the vision of helping create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. We collaborate with subject matter experts like you and create our courses differently from anyone else, and that’s what helps make them so good.

As an instructor,

  1. you’re passionate about your subject matter.
  2. Mondosol will help you bring it to life in really exciting ways.

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In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience, including a self-introduction movie, and you can review our sample movie guidelines in the Youtube video down here to understand what we're looking for. After you submit the form, we will reach out to you if there's a good fit. Please note that we can't respond to every application, but we do keep all submissions for future consideration.