Cleaning Assistant (Healthcare)

  • Blackshaw Rd, London SW17, UK
  • Full-time
  • Monday Start Time: Not Applicable
  • Monday End Time: Not Applicable
  • Tuesday Start Time: Not Applicable
  • Tuesday End Time: Not Applicable
  • Wednesday Start Time: Not Applicable
  • Wednesday End Time: Not Applicable
  • Thursday Start Time: Not Applicable
  • Thursday End Time: Not Applicable
  • Friday Start Time: Not Applicable
  • Friday End Time: Not Applicable
  • Saturday Start Time: 15:00
  • Saturday End Time: 23:00
  • Sunday Start Time: 15:00
  • Sunday End Time: 23:00

Company Description

Our purpose: our expertise, care, technology and insight create amazing work environments, helping our customers be exceptional every day.

Our promise to our people: a place to work where you can thrive and be your best every day.

Our promise to our customers: a trusted partner creating exceptional environments for your customers and people, adding value every day.

Our culture – our core values and how we behave:

  • We are one Mitie: we work as one to deliver a seamless, unrivalled service. We are all in it together, if we can help a customer or colleague in any way, we will. We are one Mitie.
  • We are built on integrity and trust: integrity and trust are at the heart of all we do. We are the face of company. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We are proud to work for Mitie.
  • We go the extra mile: whether it’s keeping things running smoothly in a safe environment, looking for new ways to do things better or fixing problems, going the extra mile for our colleagues and customers and keeping our promises is in our DNA.
  • Our diversity makes us stronger: we are very proud of our rich and diverse culture and backgrounds. Our diversity creates ideas and insights. Everyone at Mitie has a voice and is treated as an equal.
  • Our customers’ business, is our business: we are a partner, trusted for our expertise and for putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

At Mitie we know that ‘our diversity makes us stronger’. We’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where our people can thrive and be their best every day. We are very proud of our rich and diverse culture and backgrounds. Our diversity creates ideas and insights. Everyone at Mitie has a voice and is treated as an equal. We recognise the unique contributions that you can bring and our people and customers thrive when we get this right.

Job Description

Main duties:

  • To ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the theatre/unit at all times as reasonably practical.
    • To prepare the service areas with the necessary service equipment.
    • To ensure that the service is as required as per ward SLA requirement and where required recorded.
    • To provide exceptional service to the patients.
    • To perform general and specific cleaning duties in accordance with the cleaning schedules, and the NHS 2007 cleaning specifications.
    • To maintain high standards of personal hygiene practices as laid out in your Health and Safety manual, and Mitie uniform policy.
    • To carry out duties in any department as required and carryout cleaning associated with that area.
  • • To assist other theatre’s/wards for personal development or at times of staff shortage when required.
    • To report any complaint, compliment or incident of accident, near miss, fire, theft, loss, damage or other
    irregularity to your supervisor or manager.
    • To attend all mandatory meetings and training courses as required for the betterment of the operation and
    personal development.
    • To comply with all MITIE Policies and Procedures laid down in the MITIE operations manual and MITIE Employee
    • To be aware of and adhere to legal and Company regulations relating to the following areas; Health & Safety,
    HACCP, Food Hygiene, Sales of goods/trades description, Employment law, fire regulations, HR procedures,
    COSHH, training guidelines & procedures.
    • To set the example by being professional at all times.
    • To maintain and ensure teamwork and good ethics with your colleagues & supervisors are adhered to at all
    • To wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required when carrying out specific duties in accordance with
    the MITIE Health and Safety Manual. Set an example by being professional at all times.
    • Correct all unsafe conditions immediately, or report to supervisor or manager.
    • Use correct equipment for the job, always feedback any equipment that is faulty or not working correctly.
    • Be compliant with NHS Infection control Processes & Procedures.
    • To wear scrubs at all times while in theatre’s and if allocated to ward area to make sure you always have your
    Mitie uniform to hand.


  • Works safely at all times giving due consideration for the safety of others and the environment.
  • Manual handling & some bending / stretching / heavy lifting required.
  • Upholds and reflects the vision and values of the Trust and Mitie in all actions and behaviours.
  • Has basic written and spoken English skills
  • A strong communicator, who can easily interact with customers and team members
  • Enthusiastic and Conscientious. Diligent and committed. A flexible approach, and "can do attitude" together with the ability to self-prioritise will be required
  • Maintains a good working relationship with; Mitie employees, NHS trust employees and hospital patients
  • Represents Mitie and the client at all times in a professional, courteous and confident manner

Additional Information

Health and Safety responsibilities
• Follow Group and company policies and procedures at all times;
• Report any apparent deficiencies in systems of work or equipment provided that may result in failure of service delivery or risk to health and safety or the environment;
• Use all work equipment and personal PPE properly and in accordance with training received;
• Report any issues or training needs to your Line manager and /or via your divisional incident reporting system;

Information Security
• Ensure compliance with Mitie's information security procedures in all activities;
• Proactively identify and report security risks to your manager;
• Report actual and suspected security incidents;

This job description Is intended to give the post holder an appreciation of the role envisaged for this position and the range of duties undertaken. Specific tasks and objectives will be agreed with the post holder throughout the period of employment. The job description may be varied from time to time by the Company to reflect changes in the post holder’s role and/or the needs of the business.

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