Spa Therapist

  • Full-time
  • Company Location: Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara

Job Description

·         Operations


  • To create the first positive impression to the guest by greeting them in a warm welcoming manner-by name addressed.


  • To contribute to the high level of services in accordance with the company’s standard as prescribed in Standard Operations Manual.


  • To perform quality massage therapies and body treatments as prescribed in Standard Training Manual.


  • To ensure that all equipment associated with service function at all time.


  • To be able to answer all questions related to services and identify the benefit or advantage of treatments required to the guests.


  • To assist with demonstrations and events as required.


  • To participate in a new training and refreshing program as required.


·         Administration


  • To update the Therapist Log Book.


  • To complete all assignments stated by deadlines with the spa manager or supervisor’s guidelines.


  • To respond to the change as indicated by the company.


·         Policy & Procedure


  • To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the company’s policy and procedures.


  • To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the company’s policy related to fire, hygiene, environmental health and safety.


  • To report for duty punctually and wear the correct uniform with the name badge at all times.


  • To carry out the other duties as assigned by the management team.


  • To establish good relationship and rapport with guests and colleagues.


  • To ensure the cleanliness and hygiene in work areas




  • Knowledge of Ayurvedic treatment and who can perform yoga will be more preferable.  . 
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