Food & Beverage Coordinator

  • Full-time
  • Company Location: Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara

Company Description

A luxury hospitality brand for modern travellers, Anantara connects guests to genuine places, people and stories through personal experiences and providing heartfelt hospitality in the world’s most exciting destinations. From pristine islands and tropical beaches to cosmopolitan cities, tranquil deserts and lush jungles, Anantara welcomes guests for journeys rich in discovery.

Job Description

·         To work as a team with colleagues, to ensure timely service and a smooth running operation.

·         To understand and adhere to all hotel policies and Standard Operating Procedures with regard to guest service, how to run the operation, and personal discipline and grooming.



·         To perform every guest interaction in a friendly and welcoming manner

·         To maintain professional telephone etiquette and a perfect understanding of reservation’s policies and procedures.

·         To be completely familiar with the services offered in the restaurant and throughout the hotel.

·         Liase with all comments and feedback from the guest. Compile and share to the entire department for improvement.

·         To prepare monthly and all reports required as necessary.

·         Closely monitor and prepare department attendance and overtime reports.

·         Coordinate with all the sections in the submission and implementation of training programs.

·         Handle an control all collaterals and printing materials of the department to ensure that it complied to standards, menu spellings, logos and each sections practice in utilizing resources and cost saving.

·         To attend required briefings and meetings within the department and ensure all points are properly documented.

·         To perform other responsibilities as assign by the management.

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