Learning Officer

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Full-time
  • Company Location: RAKxa Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat

Company Description

RAKxa is Thailand's 1st Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat

RAKxa integrates Functional Medicine and Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) together using holistic approach. Functional medicine consists of VitalLife Medical Wellness center and Medical Gym. CAM consists of Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM). Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, Energy Healing, and Therapeutic Spa. The range of treatments, facilities, and services is unmatched anywhere in the world. RAKxa will be able to treat guests with a wide array of health issues and concerns.

RAKxa’s world-class doctors and specialists across a multiple of disciplines work together to assess each guests and gain understanding into their root causes of problems. This allows them to combine multiple disciplines of medicine into one comprehensive treatment program, completely individualized to each guests, whether they’re business executives, active retirees, young entrepreneurs, or high-performance athletes, to have most appropriate and effective treatment.

Job Description

• Set-up schedule for training programs monthly
• Organize trainings includes coordinate with departments, review the list of participants, distribution of material and training, monitoring trainee progress report, support trainer in training session
• Support Assistant Learning Manager to conduct Skill Application Assessment after training programs
• Manage training record and filing system and other regards employee database
• Deal with DSD documentation, prepare required reports and submit to Department of Skill Development monthly
• Support Assistant Learning Manager in monitoring training budget to be aligned with the planned budget
• Support Assistant Learning Manager in the implementation of performance appraisal system


• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related field
• Minimum 1 years of experience in HRD / Training functions
• Background in retail/apparel/ fashion/ fashion accessories.

Additional Information

• Good interpersonal and communication skill
• Good analytical skills to work out present and future trends - See more
• Communication and team-working skills
• Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
• Negotiation skills and ability to influence others
• Ability to use computer modelling software ( Excellent in Ms excel esp. Pivot Table, Vlook up)

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