HR Supervisor

  • Chiang Mai, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Full-time
  • Company Location: Anantara Vacation Club Chiang Mai

Company Description

A unique ownership product offering the opportunity for five-star holidays in choice destinations. The vacation lifestyle is yours to explore with Anantara and affiliated destinations, from one exotic locale to the next, for your family today and generations to come.

Job Description

Position Overview:

To manage the day to day running of the Human Resources department ensuring administration systems and Company policies and procedures are followed whilst maintaining a high degree of team members satisfaction and to serve the needs of the business of Anantara Vacation Club. To Assists the company in maintaining a smooth and efficient operations with office external administrative affairs. Obtaining necessary licenses and liaising with the authorities to ensure company general affairs are in order and relationships are well maintained. Ensuring that all company tasks, policies and procedures are strictly adhered. When conducting business on behalf of the company.

Key Responsibilities:

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs to be done.  The key job responsibility is to always look after the business, and our team members.

Administration Function

  • Ensure that HR filings are organized according to the agreed standard and codes.
  • Ensure that personal files of new hire team members are properly arranged and handled.
  • Update files and discard old file in the Archive store in order of topic, dates and years.
  • To assist in managing and keeping record of performance management and performance evaluation of existing team members (IDP and KPI) and new hire team members (probation evaluation)
  • To assist in all activities concerning team members, employment contract administration, performance management, social security, medical insurance, and administration on timely manner.
  • Assist in communication of key messages to all team members.  Promote team members communication activities and channels, to encourage and enable feedback from team members.
  • To coordinate the communication with all departments of Anantara Vacation Club, and MINOR
  • To assist in all activities concerning the planning and delivery of Payroll including all the requirements of the audits to be managed and complied upon.
  • Provide HR data as required to other departments as needed and overall monthly reporting such as organization chart, monthly HR report and manpower report are submitted on timely manner. 
  • To be in charge of arranging monthly birthday gather, celebration, and CSR activities.
  • To assist HR team in purchasing and reimbursement.
  • Handle basic function of HR inquiries.
  • Performs any other duties or responsibilities as required by Supervisor/Management.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors.

Corporate Affairs

  • Responsible in the preparation of all necessary requirements regarding the expatriate visa, work permit, re-entry permit and 90 days notification, government registrations for existing and new hire team members.
  • Manage the schedule and process of expatriate visa, work permit, re-entry permit and 90 days notification.
  • Assists in the applications of all licenses, required applications and registration of related business affairs.
  • Acts as a liaison person between the company and all government agencies.
  • Maintains and update all license and permit
  • Responsible in making sure that the company is in compliance with every aspect of government requirement.

Recruitment Function

  • Working on the online job posting process, including the websites used and the quality of the posted advertisements, working through the Company’s SmartRecruiter recruitment system for all the positions.
  • Leverage online recruiting resources, including job boards, niches sites, and social networking sites to attract, identify and recruit the right candidate.
  • Ensure that all job post is in accordance to the Company brand standard.
  • Properly screen and prepare relevant documents for interviews in coordination with HR Manager/Recruitment Manager
  • To organize interview schedules for shortlisted candidates with all concerns which include applicants and interviewers reflecting effectiveness and the best first impression and assist in preparing relevant documents.
  • Handling correspondence for all applications such as regret letter, employment confirmation, and contract and employment reference.


  • At least Bachelor’s degree in HR Management or any related fields
  • At least 1-year experiences in Human Resources in Time Share and/or Hospitality industry
  • Good in English communication and computer literate
  • Strong in inter-personality and out-going personality
  • Organized, self-disciplined, focused, accurate
  • Act with personal professionalism, keeping confidentiality, and integrity at all times
  • Display a positive attitude, even under pressure
  • Have teamwork ethics
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