.NET Developer

  • Chicago, IL
  • Full-time

Company Description

Not your average industry or company. Position not recommended for anyone faint of heart or without a sense of humor.

Operating in one of the fastest growing and complex sectors of the healthcare industry - long term care, Medtelligent is a growth stage technology company that builds and supports the leading software solution for assisted living communities ("ALIS" - Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions). Founded by technologists, Medtelligent as a company never waivers from that core, and is laser-focused on creating and applying innovative technology to solve real-life problems in our space.

To complement its technological roots in an industry that revolves around personal service, our company culture focuses on people, patience, kindness, and customer service. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a combination of best-in-class software paired with a unique class of customer service, freeing up our clients to focus on caring for their residents. 

Medtelligent is based out of a River North loft space filled with natural light and a diverse group of intelligent and good humored individuals who work hard to make a difference in the communities that Medtelligent serves. Traits that help make people successful in our environment - a true and deep natural curiosity, a strong sense of personal and professional integrity, a commitment to quality, and enjoyment of continued learning and improvement. 

Job Description

Our development department is looking for junior to mid-level individuals to be part of an agile team that is fast paced, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. The development team does not suffer fools or those who are not truly passionate about technology. We want people committed to delivering high quality work every day and enjoy collaborating with a team. Our development team works closely with client services, account management, support and product teams to ensure the developed solutions meet the exact needs and pain points of Medtelligent's current and potential clients.  

Our developers use a mix of stable and cutting edge languages and tools to improve the ALIS product while also pushing the envelope through groundbreaking large scale projects with a particular focus on data analytics and partnerships. Working on this team means you will have a hand in the direction of a dynamic product in an environment where you get to see and feel the payoff of your work almost immediately from both your client facing teammates as well as the company's client base. 

Medtelligent is committed to hiring individuals aligned with our values - if it turns out some of these rub you the wrong way - this position may not turn out to be a great fit:

1. We are honest and accountable

2. We are good natured and light hearted

3. We embrace individuality

4. We respect our company, partners, and each other

5. We are collaborative

6. We advocate for our clients and partners

7. We are open to change and constructive feedback

8. We are passionate about what we do

9. We strive to learn

10. We don’t half ass anything, and always strive to improve the situation 



• Proficient in C# and object-oriented design;

• Knowledge of .NET 4.0 and the Microsoft technology platform;

• Knowledge of ASP.NET MVC and/or ASP.NET Web Forms development;

• Experience with Javascript, AJAX, and a major Javascript framework (e.g., jQuery, Prototype);

• Familiar with SQL Server and at least one ORM (e.g. Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL).

• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or 4 years web development experience;

• General friendliness towards human beings including client facing co-workers and clients.

Some great add-ons:

• Experience with .NET Webservices (ASP.NET Web API, WCF); Experience with TDD, BDD, DI, Moq, CMSes, API, or other TLAs;

• Experience with Azure, AWS, or Rackspace Cloud;

• Experience using NuGet and familiar with solid community libraries built on .NET;

• Experience with Python, Ruby, Java, Objective-C or any other non-Microsoft platform language;

• Experience in a sales engineer role; 

• Experience with Confluence and / or JIRA.

Additional information 

• Compensation commensurate with experience 

• Rewarding and enjoyable office environment 

Additional Information

Medtelligent reaches out to certain candidates for quick phone screens to gather additional information – these usually last about 10 minutes and are scheduled in advance and according to your schedule. Applicants who are contacted again will be given a project that forms the basis for the second round interview (usually takes about 1 hour). Please include in your cover letter the number of the one value (from the list above) that you are most looking for at your next place of employment.  

Our team is diverse - Medtelligent values and promotes diversity. We are an an equal opportunity employer and consider qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status, veteran status, medical condition or disability.