Software Development Engineer (Internship)

  • 4717 Plano Pkwy, Carrollton, TX 75010, USA
  • Intern

Job Description

A Mediocre Corporation is looking for extraordinary Software Development Engineer Interns to work on our ecommerce sites. Our intern program is designed to give you some real world development experience, rub elbows with our senior SDEs, and build your resume and portfolio.

Sound like your kind of summer? Here’s how we’re thinking things will likely go:

Week 1: Mediocre Development 101.
You’ll first learn about how Mediocre works as a growing ecommerce startup. Then we’ll give you a tour for how we code apps on top of our MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) stack. You’ll learn the fundamentals for how we develop Node.js applications using Express and Restify frameworks against MongoDB, Redis, and InfluxDB data sources. We’ll show you how we test with Mocha and Puppeteer in Travis CI after code commits in GitHub. You’ll see how we deploy to Microsoft Azure and AWS. Finally, you’ll learn how we monitor things with NewRelic and Bugsnag.

Week 2-7: Get your hands dirty.
You’ll work with our team on real-world projects by participating in our weekly development sprints. We have a variety of projects that range from front-end customer facing website work to back-end warehouse operations. You’ll be responsible for the development, testing, deployment, and monitoring of your projects as well as code reviews for your peers.

Week 8: Hack week.
You’ve been around for a while and learned what goes into building Mediocre sites. Now it’s your turn to build something yourself. Here’s some ideas:

  • Most of our sites have their own APIs. What would you like to build with them? A mobile app? An IFTTT/Zapier integration? Something with a Raspberry Pi and an AR Parrot drone?
  • We’ve already got a couple open source projects out there. Help us improve those or help us open source more of our code.
  • Have an idea for a new ecommerce experiment? You already have the infrastructure and SDKs in place for account creation, order processing, and shipping logistics. What kind of unique ecommerce site can you build on top of that in a week?

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.