Technician II: Safety

  • Full-time
  • Department: Production

Company Description

Position Summary:  This position requires leadership and communication skills to record, document and execute safety objectives throughout the facility


Supports the 4 Basics of our business:  Safe and clean workplace, Quality at or above expectations, Complete on-time delivery, Fashionable products at a fair price

Exhibits the 6 for Success:  Be trustworthy, Commit to your team, Listen to understand, Serve your customer, Prepare and plan, Deliver the result


Organizational Relationship:
Position reports directly to the Safety Manager.




    Job Description

    Duties and Responsibilities: 

    • Champion safety by monitoring and observing associates working on the production/ shop floor and identifying hazards and effectively communicating those hazards to the associates.
    • Review current JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) documents, and complete new JHA’s as needed. 
    • Provide direction and feedback to associates, and leadership regarding JHA’s.
    • Review current Lockout Placards, including verifying proper labeling of lockout points. 
    • Conduct Safety Layered Process Audits (LPA).
    • Assist the Safety Specialist in developing and conducting training (i.e. Fork Truck Training).  Monitor, train and evaluate current and future fork truck drivers.
    • Assist with follow up on closure of incident reports.
    • Provide constructive feedback and communication when issues are discovered that need addressed.
    • Maintain and promote positive attitude, teamwork and cooperation.
    • Collect information from each department safety HOCA (Hands on Corrective Action log).
    • Drive safety initiatives in work areas.
    • Review chemicals on site and verify current MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are in the online system.
    • Perform various other duties relating to safety, MPS (MasterBrand Production System), etc. as assigned.
    • Organizes, facilitates and supports Plant Safety Committee, Safety Sub-committees and the Safety Gemba; compiles information for the Safety Minutes.
    • Updates safety information on the Safety Information board regularly, including safety meeting minutes, member photos & KSA information; helps track Safety countermeasures to completion.


    Knowledge and Experience:

    • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and support initiatives.
    • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office Products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
    • Demonstrated ability for direct and specific communications with Supervisors, other members of Management and production associates.
    • Ability to participate and complete additional training as identified (i.e. OSHA 10-hour Hazard Analysis).  Training may be offsite through OR-OSHA.
    • Operation of a digital camera, downloading pictures, and importing them into documentation.

    Additional Information

    Work Environment: 

    • Office environment with frequent environmental exposure to low-grade radiation from computer monitors
    • Manufacturing environment, with frequent exposure to wood dusts, and cabinet-making related materials.
    • Exposure to hot and cold elements due to non-climate controlled environment.
    • Wearing of Personal Protection Equipment required when on manufacturing floor:  eye and ear protection.
    • Adherence to Entanglement clothing policy required.


    Sensory/ Physical Requirements:


    • Frequent speaking, hearing, near vision, far vision and touch.


    • Frequent head/neck static position, rotation, flexion and extension. 
    • Frequent change in torso/back position, frequent stooping, bending and twisting. 
    • Frequent finger dexterity.
    • Frequent simple grasp, firm grasp and wrist flexion. 
    • Frequent sitting, standing, walking, crouching, kneeling, and climbing of stairs and ramps.
    • Frequent lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching and carrying.



    Reasonable Accommodations will be considered for qualified applicants with disabilities.

    MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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