Psychometric Test Developer (Native English Speaker)

  • Metsada St, Bnei Brak, Israel
  • Full-time

Job Description

JobTestPrep, A leading E-learning company operating in the US and the UK, is currently seeking a psychometric test developer to join our product team, helping us develop new tests and assessments across all subject areas.

 Essential Job Responsibilities:

·  Development and maintenance of cognitive/psychological/behavioral assessment tests using the company's E-learning platform. 

·  Develop high-quality content with a distinctive customer orientation.

·  Perform basic research, identify learning gaps, and provide creative solutions. 

·  Review newly developed content and provide profound feedback for colleagues. 

·  Work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.



·         High level English writing skills- MUST

·         A firm understanding of how the English language works (e.g. not just knowing what is correct and what is not, but why something is correct or incorrect and which rule tells us that)

·         Familiarity with the rules of English grammar, syntax, and literary devices

·         Familiarity with the official terms used to categorize the English language and detail its rules and utilizations.

·         The ability to explain these rules and categorizations in English in a way that is easy to understand.

·         Skills in building, writing, structuring, and editing tests and explanation guides in English, for various topics.

·         The ability to work with a team.

·         The ability to work with a deadline.

·         The ability to juggle multiple tasks.

Major advantages:

·         A degree in the field of English language and writing.

·         Experience teaching or tutoring in English.

·         Experience in writing tests.

Employment Type

·         Full Time