Software Engineers / Developers (MUST Be US Citizen with Secret Clearance)

  • 8330 Greensboro Dr, McLean, VA 22102, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

MaKa Systems is part of a consortium of Government IT Services and firms providing Mission Critical Solutions to Civil, DoD and IC agencies... The consortium is built to focus on long term relationships with Employees and our Clients... "We're The Employer!"

Job Description

  • Agile - C, Java, .NET, Web application to Cloud, XSS, SQL injection vulnerability, Full Stack, Operating Architecture integration, Code Scans and Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Automation Developer -  SQL reusable Classes & Modules in VB.Net, Open Source, Framework, SOAP UI/Web Services, Java and VB.NET Developer, Agile or SDLC/Waterfall
    Android - SDK, Android kernels, SEAndroid,
  • Cloud Developer - Perl, Java, AWS, C2S, SDLC, Public/Private Clouds, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hadoop ecosystems with Hive, Pig, DevOps, MicroServices, CI/CD, Jenkins, Agile, Node.js.
  • CNO - network sockets, hardware, memory, busses, packet-level IP / TCP, cross compiling, Raw Network Traffic, Assembly (ARM/MIPS/PowerPC), embedded systems, operating systems.
  • DevOps - Micro Services, NoSQL, CI/CD, Virtualization, JBoss, MongoDB, AWS/C2S, ML, AngularJS, RESTful Web Services, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Containers
  • Embedded Linux - Cross compiling experience, Assembly (ARM/MIPS/PowerPC), Reverse engineering (malware, embedded systems, operating systems), GCC/binutils, Clang/Cmake
  • ERP - Maximo; MuleSoft & Jython & Oracle; PL/SQL & PeopleSoft; PeopleCode & SAP; ABAP & Appian; BPM & CRM; Pega or Camunda or SalesForce
  • Exploit - Escalation/Persistence, Vulnerability, Reverse Engineering (Using tools such as IDA Pro, Binary Ninja and Ghidra), exploit mitigations such as ASLR, DEP, PXN, ROP
  • Implant / Native - C/C++, Low-level operating systems, Networking Development, ARM Assembly/Shell Code 
  • Implant / Payload - C/C++, C++, boost and boost:: asio, Low-level operating systems, Reverse Engineering (Using tools such as IDA Pro, Binary Ninja and Ghidra)
  • iOS - OS Internals, Device Drivers, Kernel-level, Assembly, (ARM, MIPS, PPC, x86, etc.), SDK, JNI, shellcode, injected), HEAP internals/overflow, process communication
  • Java - J2EE/JEE, J2SE, Front End or Backend or Full Stack or DevOps/Cloud, Spring-Boot, Hibernate, Java Framework, UI, JSF (Primefaces), Git, SDLC, RESTful, Agile/SCRUM
  • Malware - Handlebar, Jira & Cassandra, ElasticSearch & VMware (Workstation/ESXI) or VirtualBox & WIX (Windows Installer XML Toolset), NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
  • Middleware - Informatica, Web Methods, ETL Framework, Implement Data Warehouse from concept to implementation, Tuning large data volume
  • PSP - Security product developing, Python, C, C++, Network cyber techniques to include application and mitigation, Reverse Engineering
  • Python Developer - Django, RESTful APIs, BackEnd / FrontEnd, JQuery, JavaScript, ETL, OOD/P, JSON-based APIs, CI/CD, Solr and Elasticsearch search tools,  
  • SharePoint - Designer and Developer, .Net and SharePoint Server 2013, CSS, HTML, Web Publishing software and protocols, Handlebars jQuery, C#, Web Services, Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Windows Internals / Systems - OS, BIOS/ROM, hardware, firmware, device drivers, kernel modules, Assembly, (ARM, MIPS, PPC, x86, etc.), networking, memory interfaces



Ø  Minimum 3 years recent experience with above referenced accomplishments and the following hands on expertise;

Ø  Ability to work on site at Washington, D.C. or/and Baltimore Metro Areas

Ø  Must be available to travel up to 33% ConUS

Ø  Education - BS or BA degree in Computers, Engineering or similar concentration


TO QUALIFY YOU MUST BE US Citizen with Secret or TS/SCI Clearance!!!


We promote a Drug-Free Workplace and are an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and Affirmative Action Employer


TO APPLY send resume to ArnieRecruiterAtGmailDotCom


Key Words - #SoftwareDevelopment #Programming #Development #FullLifeCycle #Software Engineer #DepartmentofDefense #DoD #IntelligenceCommunity #IC

Additional Information

We are an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer M/F/D/V

To apply, please send your resume with contact information and city/state/country you currently live/reside to ArnieRecruiterAtGmailDotCom