Learning Lead Generalist

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

MPC Film provides high-end visual effects for the Film industry. We operate across 5 locations including London, Vancouver, Montreal, LA and Bangalore, but have a focus on future growth and expansion. The primary mission is to move the business forward through successfully executing a portfolio of company-wide learning functions and training-specific initiatives.

Job Description

The following tasks provide a general overview of the types of activity the role holder will be expected to engage in on a day-to-day basis. The tasks are not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities as the nature of our business requires all employees to be flexible, self-motivated and to think creatively when presented with challenges.

  • Present lectures on technical topics in an open, upbeat, engaging manner.
  • Guide and coach students in creating quality work.
  • Challenge and encourage students to do better.
  • Learn the MPC tools, procedures and implementations quickly and stay updated.
  • Communicate effectively and proactively with partner departments, including compositing and recruiting.
  • Create and improve on documentation and written tutorials.
  • Create and edit video tutorials with an emphasis on brevity, clarity and zero errors.
  • Work with partners in production departments to coach and support them in the creation of educational materials – such as tutorials, documentation, and project files.
  • Create and structure curriculum to effectively meet the needs of students and production and adjust it with changing parameters on the fly.
  • Run dailies and provide feedback and reviews.
  • Assess whether the students are meeting targets, work with them to improve, and provide feedback about their success to the head of department (HOD).
  • Review success of students after each round with all partners, enhance successes and address failure.


  • Must have been experience 2 of the follow disciplines: FX, Animation or Lighting.
  • Have experience in managing and delivering training sessions to large groups.
  • Must be an excellent communicator, both written and spoken.
  • Have either a proven track record as a trainer, or a demonstrable desire to work as a trainer.
  • Have experience creating written documentation and video tutorials are a great bonus.
  • Is able to work independently within an organization to get information proactively.
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