Head of Studio

  • London, UK
  • Full-time

Company Description

MPC is a leading player in VFX and responsible for creating

some of the phenomenal affects for legendary titles such as Blade Runner 2049, The Jungle Book, X Men series. We have studios all over the globe with teams of creative experts and cutting edge digital knowhow.

The Head of Studio is responsible for the effective day to day running of the local studio and ensuring alignment to our global framework and strategy; including overseeing the implementation of objectives, shaping and planning, managing financial and operational risk and driving business levels.

As part of the Executive Committee, your operational approach will inform, support and implement change programmes such as business transformation and organisation redesign, but  also grow a corporate culture that fosters a fast learning and continuously improving organisation.

Job Description


  • Be an mentor, ambassador and representative of MPC’s culture
  • Actively drive and influence people’s behavior and actions to ensure they are aligned with the company values, vision and mission
  • Facilitate the process to grow internal cohesion and a shared culture
  • Facilitate local leaders and ensure management walk the talk
  • Motivate local senior management teams in order to meet or suppress local objectives that are in line with global direction.
  • Encourage maximum performance and dedication from all employees at MPC Film
  • Promote communication between colleagues for the benefit of information flow and to curb any problems that arise
  • Direct management responsibility for local Department Managers; ensuring effective people management of each department
  • Organise relevant meetings and builds an environment in which employees willingly produce maximum work
  • Ensure talent is hired and retained in accordance with MPCs financial targets and policies, but also people who exhibit the MPC Film Values and positively influence the culture. Including overseeing and supporting the hiring of key positions within MPC Film (ie HoD, EP)


  • Maintain local quality by establishing and enforcing MPC standards
  • To ensure that there is a clear and consistent strategic alignment with local senior and management groups; including cohesion and consistency with messaging and reason
  • Oversee the implementation initiative to ensure they are effectively adopted by local departments
  • Analyse the current local operational and business process on a regular basis, and proactively recommend changes in-line with the overall strategy
  • Set comprehensive goals/KPI for performance for the local facility ensure they are in line with global objectives
  • Coordinate efforts by establishing procurement, marketing and technical services policies and practices; coordinating actions with relevant staff, in line with global direction
  • Work with local senior management team to ensure facility is equipped with proper resources – talent, technology etc

Financial and Strategy

  • Responsible for all financial operations including budgets; forecasts; projections for the local studio
  • Reviews analyses of activities, costs, operations and forecast data to determine progress toward stated studio goals and objectives
  • Develop strategic studio plan accounting for financial opportunities; present assumptions; recommend objectives
  • Take care of local expenditure

External Representative

  • Build MPC’s image by collaborating with government, community organisations, and employees; enforcing ethical business practices
  • Drive MPC activities within the local industry and community
  • Lead local lobbying initiatives including tax credits, immigration, etc


  • Work with Global Head of Facilities on building and lease requirements
  • Ensure facility is maintained and in good running order
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