Telecommunications Project Manager

  • Full-time

Company Description

MDC Data Centers offers the ideal solution for networks seeking efficient and effective connectivity throughout Mexico. Our approach is based on centralizing the core points-of-presence for Mexican and North American networks in our neutral spaces located along the US border. This convergence of northbound and southbound networks creates a dense network ecosystem on the border, which is further strengthened by our unique International Fiber Crossings infrastructure and secure, neutral hosting environment for network connections. Together, these components form our Border Interconnection Platform™, which aims to facilitate connections that empower customers and communities by uniting networks, countries, and people.

With data centers in McAllen, Laredo, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Nogales, and San Diego, MDC Data Centers, serves the Mexican market allowing American and International carriers to connect to the largest concentration of Mexican carriers in carrier-neutral facilities. 

Job Description

Unleash Your Potential as a Telecom Project Manager!

Are you ready to lead the charge in the fast-paced world of telecom project management? MDC Data Centers is looking for dynamic individuals to join our team and take the helm as a Project Manager in Telecom Administration and Fiber Optics Construction.

The project manager in MDC oversees a project from start to finish to open new sites and improve internal processes to deliver high-level services to our clients.

The project manager is responsible for planning and allocating resources, preparing budgets, keeping stakeholders informed throughout the project lifecycle, and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget.

If you're driven, passionate about telecommunications, and ready to make a difference, this opportunity is for you! Join us to promote connectivity!

What would you be doing?

  • Assess necessities to structure projects.
  • Identify key requirements needed from cross-functional teams and external vendors.
  • Establish expectations and goals and set timelines.
  • Develop and manage the budget for projects.
  • Describe requirements to guide vendors and service providers.  
  • Create long- and short-term plans, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines.
  • Perform quotes and liaison with the finance department to receive approval.
  • Utilize your telecom knowledge to ensure projects are executed efficiently and meet technical specifications.
  • Monitor and assign resources appropriately to streamline the project's efficiency and maximize deliverable outputs.
  • Support procurement activities to accomplish the projects.
  • Monitor the progress of activities daily.
  • Discusses accomplishments and setbacks to find solutions.
  • Ensures the project meets deadlines and budgets.
  • Describe and document processes.
  • Maintain organizational standards of satisfaction, quality, and performance.
  • Act as a point of communication between company teams and external resources.
  • Contact local entities and organizations to support the processes of getting licenses for new sites.
  • Deepen partnerships with outside resources—including third-party vendors and researchers.
  • Ensure all parts of an assigned project are processed, organized, and progressing according to predetermined timelines and deliverable dates.
  • Report project outcomes and/or risks to the appropriate management channels, escalating issues as necessary based on project work plans.
  • Coordinate changes and be willing to adapt if necessary.
  • Keep teams committed, motivated, and productive throughout the project.
  • Create reports for upper management that the project has achieved its objectives.
  • ​​​​​​Utilize your telecom knowledge to ensure projects are executed efficiently and meet technical specifications. 



  • Bachelor's degree in business management, telecommunications, engineering, or a related field.
  • Additional degrees or PMP-PMI and/or Scrum Certification are a plus are a plus.

Technical skills and work experience:

  • Bilingual – English and Spanish required.
  • 3-5 years of prior experience in project management is desired.
  • Knowledge of the telecommunications industry and network routes.
  • Strong written, verbal, and presentation skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Conflict resolution skills.
  • Ability to coordinate and drive projects to closure.
  • Ability to manage time and juggle multiple priorities to execute high-quality deliverables.
  • Ability to engage people to deliver a project.


  • Analytical Thinking: You quickly deconstruct information and processes into smaller parts to define activities, milestones, and gaps that can become a risk to delivering a project.  
  • Planning and finance acumen: You demonstrate the ability to think in the short, medium, and long term to make projections, budget, and prioritize.
  • Organization: You excel in time management to transition between different responsibilities. You also easily keep information organized to produce reports and establish effective relationships with suppliers.
  • Communication: You demonstrate the ability to communicate in English and Spanish with different stakeholders.
  • Innovative thinking: You are keen to understand and embrace innovations and be comfortable using technology.
  • Resilience: You continue performing effectively when faced with time pressures, adversity, disappointment, and welcome feedback.
  • Teamwork: You demonstrate enthusiasm in helping and engaging with coworkers to achieve goals.
  • Flexibility: You demonstrate curiosity for multiculturalism, modify your approach as needed to promote collaboration, and quickly adapt to changes. 

Additional Information

A Global Team

MDC was founded on the principle of bridging two countries together, so we get the idea of not just accepting the difference in people, but celebrating it and recognizing the value it brings to our customers and employees.
Our ability to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural world - both in the marketplace and in the workplace - is critical to our success.