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Company Description

MDC, formerly McAllen Data Center, helps carriers and enterprises interconnect with major Internet Service Providers on the US-Mexico border. The company is considered one of the fastest-growing data centers in South Texas, presenting a unique offer of reliable colocation services with a fiber optics infrastructure to foster connectivity across the border.

With data centers in McAllen, Laredo, El Paso, and Nogales; MDC Data Centers, serves the emerging Mexican market allowing American and International carriers to connect to the largest concentration of Mexican carriers in carrier-neutral facilities.

Job Description

Attention all tech enthusiasts and problem solvers! Are you ready to join a dynamic and innovative team? 

We're a fast-growing tech company looking for passionate individuals driven to push boundaries and create solutions to promote connectivity.

Our multicultural team is committed to empowering our clients to grow and succeed. We are specialized in connectivity solutions that bring countries, people, and communities closer together. 

With a supportive work environment and opportunities for growth, you'll have the chance to take your career to the next level.

Join us to unite networks, countries, and people! Apply now!


​​​​​​​The skills vary according to each position, and we all here understand English and Spanish and do our best to communicate in both languages. 

We demonstrate:

  • Eagerness to learn and serve customers
  • Prioritize collective wins over individual ones
  • Demonstrated emotional intelligence and interpersonal awareness

The technical skills vary according to each position.

Send your resume so we can meet and discuss your career possibilities at MDC Data Centers. 

We look forward to connect with you! 

Additional Information

A Global Team

MDC was founded on the principle of bridging two countries together, so we get the idea of not just accepting the difference in people, but celebrating it and recognizing the value it brings to our customers and employees.
Our ability to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural world - both in the marketplace and in the workplace - is critical to our success.