Customer Support Specialist

  • Full-time

Job Description

The Customer Support Specialist is a full-time position in the Training and Certification department responsible for responding and resolving  customer inquiries, submitted primarily through an online ticketing system.
This position will participate in a weekend on-call roster, shared on a rotating basis with other team members.

The successful candidate must live in the APAC region, or be willing to work within the hours required to support our APAC customers.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Assisting with purchases, refunds or payment issues.
  • Answering questions about Linux Foundation Training & Certification products including Terms & Conditions, Exam Rules and Policies.
  • Providing information on the Exam registration, scheduling and administration process.
  • Assisting candidates who report issues accessing their training or certification products in the LMS.
  • Providing post-exam support to candidates who encounter issues while taking their  exam.
  • Providing support for candidates who request information on or challenge their final score.
  • Assisting with requests to change Digital Badge and Certification information.
  • Escalating more complex support issues to Senior team members.
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting customer issues directly or acting as a liaison to the technical support teams (internal to LF or external partners).
  • Willing to shift schedules as needed, to deal with the practical challenges presented by working with colleagues across global time zones. This would be a requirement for the first 3-6 months of the hiring date, to accommodate on-the-job training.


  • Bachelor's degree; or equivalent combination of education and experience. 
  • 2+ years of customer support and operations experience. 
  • Proficiency in business technologies including Google Apps and Atlassian Tools,  such as JIRA Service Desk and Confluence.

Additional Information

The ideal candidate will:

  • Understand the customer’s requirements and respond with a solution in a timely manner.
  • Be able to quickly learn new technologies and tools in a self-directed manner, as needed for the job
  • Develop an understanding of our systems integration and workflow, and be able to work quickly between multiple systems (e.g Thought Industries LMS, Stripe, Salesforce).
  • Be self motivated and productive in a virtual workplace.
  • Have excellent problem-solving skills, creativity, and attention to detail
  • Take ownership of work, sweat the details and take pride in producing high-quality work
  • Be able to juggle constantly-changing tasks and details without dropping the ball
  • Be able to interface professionally with a variety of internal colleagues, teams and external customers. 
  • Be effective in oral and written communication.
  • Be comfortable with email and Slack as primary forms of communication.
  • Be able to work independently as well as in a team.
  • Be proficient on computers and be a quick learner on web-based programs.
  • Be positive, proactive, and readily embrace change.
  • Always keeps an eye on the overall mission and goals of the Foundation.