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Company Description

As the pioneer of the cloud computing and IT solutions, we are present in Mauritius since 2004. Being in full expansion, we accompany our clients towards their digital transformation. Fluent in innovative technologies, we work with a team of passionate people and always breath in our core values.

Job Description

Pentesters support our clients in their approach to improving the level of cybersecurity in their organization.

Pentesters carry out attacks or intrusion tests in order to identify as many security flaws as possible and propose remedial actions.


Your Responsibilities:

Support clients in their approach to improved the level of cybersecurity in their organization. 

Perform attacks or penetration tests in order to identify a maximum of security flaws and suggest remediation actions. 

Upstream, define the audit and analyze plans regarding the global level of organizational security of my client. 

Perform security audits on differents computing / IS environments.

Support clients in their approach to improve their level of cybersecurity for their organization. 

Define the attack scenarios and perform these attacks (or penetration tests) on a previously defined environment (IS, applicative, mobile applications, ...).

Perform social engineering or phishing handlings on the account of the client and notify the human vulnerabilities identified.

Identify the level of criticity and vulnerability of previously identified security flaws and suggest solutions to reinforce the level of security.

Formalize reportings and written reports on my observations (security flaws identified, recommendations...) andable to restitute it orally, in front of the client.

At internal level, to contribute to R&D for the lab and to be involved in the continuous improvement of the departement by consolidating and improving our tools.

Ensuring a continuous market watch in cybersecurity (last threats and vulnerabilities, new offensive tools, attacks...)

Take into account recommendations on solutions related to Linkbynet's offers and solutions, in order to contribute to business development. Able to detect the client's needs that could generate a new commercial opportunity.

Regarding the level of experience, to contribute or actively participate to the pre-sales phases (technical advisory or support to the Sales teams), and to the framing and deployment of clients and internal projects.

Tools Knowledge:

Experience working on 3 or more tools in each of the below technology areas:

o   Web Application: Burp Suite Professional, OWASP ZAP, Fiddler, W3af, Acunetix , IBM Appscan, Dirbuster, Dirs3arch, Wireshark, Nikto, Soap UI, Postman, Rest client

o   Infrastructure/Network: Nessus, Nmap, Qualys  Quard,  Nexpose, Metasploit,  OpenVAS, Wireshark, SSL scan, Python Scripts.

o   Mobile Application: Android SDK,Dex2jar,Mobsf,Quark,JD-Gui,Android Xposed Framework, Clutch, Cycript, SQLite ,  Drozer, Frida.




- Qualifications : OSCP or EWPT certified

- Experience :  3 years’ experience in Application Security technologies

Additional Information

Your superpowers required:

Hard Skills:

- Cloud Knowledge

- Cybersecurity technical expertise

- Knowledge Management

- Pre-sales advice

- Project steering

Technological watch


Soft Skills:

- Business Development

- Critical thinking / Understanding of issues (internal and external)

- Customer Orientation

- Decision-making

- Impact and influence

- Innovation

- Knowledge transmission

- LINKBYNET ambassador

- Organisational capacity

- Problem Solver

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