Senior Backend Engineer

  • Full-time

Company Description

In a nutshell: LiSA = Social Commerce Enterprise SaaS

At LiSA, we design and develop SaaS web applications that empower retailers and brands and media publishers to to create social commerce experiendces such as live streaming and shoppable video on their own platforms.

Lean code and a scalable, cloud-based infrastructure enable LiSA to deliver high quality live shopping experiences to very large audiences. With a strong focus on user experience and data-driven analytics we give our customers powerful tools to drive engagement, conversion and gain actionable insights in real-time.

Job Description

How you get involved

You have a doer mindset and you have a desire to work driven by innovation.

You bring a confident handling of modern concepts of software development and enterprise cloud platforms along with a passion for agile working methods.

You master JavaScript (ES2015+), TypeScript and/or GoLang in your sleep and have extensive experience in the use of debugging and automation techniques.

Together with your team, you want to take full responsibility for a product? From software design, implementation and testing to code reviews, deployment and monitoring?

Are you excited when customers can use your work immediately?

You also like to pass on your knowledge and know that you never stop learning?

Then join us in the design and development of sophisticated user interfaces of existing and new applications.

Our Tech Stack

We use JavaScript (ES2015+, Node.js, TypeScript, Angular, etc.) for our frontends.

Our backends are microservices written in TypeScript or GoLang that we expose via RESTful APIs or messaging systems.

We integrate Lisa with other products utilizing APIs - e.g. Salesforce, Shopify.

We value clean code as well as clear architectures. Code quality is very important to us. That’s why we develop test-driven and value test code as much as production code.

We release new software to our customers at high frequencies using our CI/CD system.


You have

Great enthusiasm to work with new technologies.

Familiarity with our current technology stack.

Insatiable hunger in expanding your knowledge of the latest Web APIs, JavaSricpt frameworks & libraries, Cloud Services and infrastructures.

Exceptional knowledge in the design and implementation of service oriented, event-driven architectures and APIs based on enterprise cloud platforms.

A proven track record and at lease five years of experience in designing and implementing scalable software architectures.

Great passion for quality, performance and maintainability - nothing goes live untested.

Experience in distributed messaging systems.

Additional Information

LiSA is still young but growing up fast. We're at that magical stage where we've nailed product market fit and are being contacted by the most amazing international retailers and brands seeking our scalable solutions.

If you join us now, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work closely with the founders and to shape the future of livestream shopping by developing LiSA into an internationally scalable tool.

Further benefits:

  • Salary: € 65.000 - € 85.000 (depending on your level of experience)

Relocation to Düsseldorf preferred, remote work possible.

Check out our website for more infos on LiSA :