Domestic logistic & Indirect Category Buyer

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  • Contract type: Permanent Contract
  • Activity: Other


As a global key player in yeasts and fermentation, Lesaffre designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for Baking, Food taste & pleasure, Health care and Biotechnology.

Family group born in northern France in 1853, now a multi-national and a multicultural company, Lesaffre is committed to working with confidence to better nourish and protect the planet.

In close collaboration with its clients and partners, Lesaffre employs 10 000 people in nearly 80 subsidiaries based in 50 countries.

Lesaffre achieves a turnover of 2 billion euros.


Indirect (indirect materials and general service):

-  Master contract or one-off contract negoatiation and contracting for Indirect Purchasing where case value exceed threshold (¥100 K), mainly required by Marketing/IT/HR/Admin/HSE/Lab,etc.

-  Manage and develop current e-platform for low-value consumables purchase, especially monitoring and enhance the usge in our plants

-  Handling P2P process in ERP system (Shanghai office only)

-  Early involved in new or routine projects to ensure the process is well respected

-  Closely communication with internal users to ensure spec/SOW are well defined

Domestic Logistic:

-  Master contract negotiation and contracting for Logistics Purchase at China level, including but not limited to T1/T2 transport and RDC for IDY/CY/YE

-  Close connection with external LSP to ensure projects are well and fast implemented

-  Role as a solution provider to an existing problem and/or continues improvement  


-  Maintain and update Approved Vendors List to ensure a healty and competetive vendor life cycle.

-  Soucing potential vendors and to be involved in audit and qualification process

-  Be force of proposal and decision based on supplier assessment through quality, availability, and cost indicators.

-  Perform benchmark on purchasing and level of criteria to objectively attest of supplier’s selection.

-  Performance management to make sure material/services provided by suppliers are well in line with specification and/or scope of work.

-  Maintain cost saving/avoidance tracking

-  Guide local team to make sure vendors respect the global agreement.

-  Time to time to review spending analysis and roll out strategy for cost saving oppotunities



-   Bachelors’ Degree or above in logistic, purchase, business

-  At least 5 years of experience in Indirect materials/service and/or logistic service, at least 2 years of experience in relevant category management. Experience in both categories will be preferred.

-  Familiar with Chinese regulation & international standard regarding purchase contract, also with incoterm 2010.

-  Strong communication and leadership skills. Fluent in Chinese and English.

-  Experience with data analyses, ability to use and create complex spreadsheets for scheduling performance tracking/trending, building reports.

-   Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook – Power BI is a nonnegligible plus


-  Great knowledge in negotiation technics and purchasing processes.

-  Adaptability to a western organizational and management system.

-  Source of proposals in terms of best practices and tools creation for better vendor management, feedback to internal customers etc.

-  Project Management skills

-  Ability to develop recommendations and implementation plans in clear, compelling, effective way.

-  Detailed knowledge of the activities of a business including its organization and departments interactions.

- Good legal and regulatory knowledge, to well articulate the contracting negotiations.