Entry Level Mainframe Systems Engineer

  • Legacy Drive, Plano, TX
  • Full-time

Company Description

LaunchCode is a nonprofit that helps driven individuals land a job in technology, while exposing employers to diverse sources of tech talent. Please note that we only accept applications through our website. Sign up and apply here: launchcode.org/training/mainframe-spring-2020

We only accept applications through our website (https://www.launchcode.org/training/mainframe-spring-2020).

Job Description

Are you a recent college grad, self-taught programmer, or a career-changer looking to land a job in technology? If so, LaunchCode can help. We are a national nonprofit that has launched over 2,000 careers across the nation and provided free, skill-based training to over 6,400 driven individuals.

We have an immediate opportunity for Mainframe Systems Engineers at a Fortune 500 company. We are looking for candidates who love working from the command line, are familiar with Unix or Linux, and have a desire to learn mainframe skills.

Don't know mainframe yet? No problem! We will provide approximately 20 weeks of paid training at $20 per hour, which includes medical benefits. Selected candidates will be required to attend both virtual, at-home training and a series of in-person training beginning in Pittsburgh, PA. After training is completed, you will continue your learning journey as a Mainframe Systems Engineer in one of the hiring company’s locations across 20+ cities.

We only accept applications through our website (https://www.launchcode.org/training/mainframe-spring-2020).


  • Eagerness to learn problem-solving techniques in Unix-based operating systems
  • A desire to work from the command line and understand the needs of users and team members
  • Curiosity about the software development life cycle
  • Ability to travel and participate in both virtual and in-person training
  • Be able to work full-time in the United States and a desire for your apprenticeship to become a full-time job
  • At the request of our hiring company partner, a 4-year degree in any field is required.
  • Willing to relocate to any of the 20+ cities for this permanent opportunity. Various relocation cities may include:
    • Plano, TX
    • Portland, OR
    • St. Louis, MO
    • Kansas City, MO
    • Cleveland, OH
    • Detroit, MI
    • Pittsburgh, PA
    • Various cities throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions

Selected candidates will start full-time, paid training on May 26. At the end of the apprenticeship, the company will offer full-time positions to qualified candidates at the company’s discretion.

We only accept applications through our website (https://www.launchcode.org/training/mainframe-spring-2020).

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