Digital Marketing Specialist

  • 6 Journey, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

KWSM is a digital marketing agency made up of journalists. We are all professional storytellers, and we specialize in helping our clients engage their target audience online. Our services include digital advertising, e-commerce support, lead generation, social media management, content creation and website design. We have offices in Orange County, CA, Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV.

Job Description

Are you a storyteller that's also junkie for new and innovative digital marketing trends? Do you dream about data and analytics and have measurable results of your digital marketing successes? We’re looking for an experienced online marketer to join our team as a Digital Marketing Manager. If you’ve crushed digital campaigns that led to massive lead generation or eCommerce windfalls, we want to talk to you. Results matter; and we are looking for our next marketing superhero - that’s part wordsmith, part numbers nerd. To thrive, you need to be obsessive about retargeting, pixels, tracking goals, funnels and monitoring all of your efforts with Google Analytics. 

As a member of our team, you will build relationships with our clients, develop and implement various strategic marketing campaigns for clients and products, create content that helps shape their story and distribute that content over a variety of marketing platforms. You will do a lot of writing, and you will need to know how the content you produce fits into a comprehensive marketing plan.

We are bustling agency.  We're busy; but we have hungry appetites to accomplish our clients' goals. Are you a tenacious researcher? Excellent written and verbal communication skills are an absolute must. Can you be educational, informative, and entertaining when writing a client’s blog? It’s important to us that you possess the ability to deliver multiple projects simultaneously on tight deadlines. Beyond a basic understanding of digital marketing best practices, we want someone who loves A/B testing content and knows how to build, track, measure and report the performance of media campaigns across multiple accounts. Can you set a high standard for yourself and achieve results on a consistent basis on behalf of our clients?

While we have fun engaging with our clients, some require an understanding of complex subject matter (legal, financial, business). To be happy in this position, you should see this as a challenge, and not as a hurdle.

The successful candidate will be highly motivated, passionate about digital marketing, able to collaborate with the team and must possess total ownership of their work. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and contribute to a dynamic full-service digital agency?

We work hard; we play hard.  We recently voted to change our schedule company-wide to a 9/80 work schedule, allowing us to get more accomplished in fewer days and have more three-day weekends.

This is a full-time, salaried position.


The right person for this job will be….

Knowledgeable and results driven.

Do you love innovative marketing approaches that convert audiences into the sales funnel? Can you squeeze every cent out of an online ad to generate leads, clicks, and sales? Results matter and you must possess an analytical and creative mindset to cultivate engaged online communities and drive various initiatives, including digital, direct, drip e-mail campaigns, social media, and other marketing avenues. Can you interpret the analytics from multiple sources and articulate those results in a cohesive report with clients?

Great at time management.

Can you see beyond a lengthy ‘to do’ list and knock out tasks while still maintaining the vision of the bigger picture? Can you multi-task when necessary, while continuing to perform well? Are you able to prioritize, and roll with the punches when surprises come your way? Can you thrive in a bustling and interactive environment, and still get your work done? If so, you’ll fit right in!

Uncommonly organized.

We are a quickly growing company, and we interface with dozens of companies at a time. Many of them are in similar industries, but you will need to know what sets them apart. You won’t be bored here, but you will need to keep your ducks in a row.


We tell stories for a living. That involves engaging and communicating with an audience through content and on social media, but it also requires the ability to communicate well with our clients, and each other. We embrace feedback, and we need someone filled with ideas that wants to be heard.


We have a very collaborative team that’s bi-coastal (Orange County and Atlanta) and want to work with people who want to be part of a team. If you’re the kind of person who likes the door to their office closed, you probably won’t be happy here. (Our offices don’t actually have doors.)

A Networker and Connector.

Yes, we work online. But to accurately tell our clients stories, we have to get to know them offline, too. A large part of your job will be building partnerships and relationships with clients, their prospects, and media while acting as their advocate. We work hard for our clients, but we like to socialize with them, too. They like to know that we have their backs in all situations. Do you have that kind of ownership? We believe in influencer marketing and work with influencers. Can you develop relationships that are mutually beneficial for YouTube stars and clients?


Are you glued to your phone on social all day and all night? Do you spend a lot of time in Twitter chats, or watching live-streaming on Facebook or Instagram? Do you find success networking in LinkedIn groups? We want to work with people who are passionate. About what doesn’t really matter. If you have the ability to get excited about something and dive in head-first, you will fit in well here.

Skilled at Problem Solving.

We may not be able to solve the Rubik’s Cube in six seconds or know the answer to the most obscure scientific trivia questions like the boys on Big Bang Theory do, but we are relentless in the pursuit of the right answer. We all dig deep to solve a client’s sticking point, and we do it with a smile on our face. Are you smooth as silk when faced with a major dilemma? If you have accountability, flexibility, a drive for results, and you can hit the game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer, we want someone like you in our starting lineup.

Additional Information

If this sounds like you, please email Jeff Soto at jeff(at)

We care a lot about our company culture. You can see it on our Instagram account at @KWSMteam.

For extra points, please submit your resume with the results from the Briggs-Myers test found at