School Counselor, Elementary School (Social and Emotional) - Lynn (2022-2023)

  • Lynn, MA, USA
  • Full-time
  • Department: School-based Support
  • Grade Level: Elementary
  • Start Date: Next year opening

Company Description

The mission of all of KIPP Massachusetts schools is to create an environment where students develop the academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits necessary to maximize their potential in high school, college, and the world beyond. Our program is based on:

  • A focus on high-quality instruction supported by rigorous professional development to ensure that our students develop the academic skills necessary to pursue the life they choose.

  • High regard for character development to ensure that our students and staff celebrate and develop their character and identity strengths.

  • An emphasis on family engagement, because we believe that our students are most likely to be able to maximize their potential when we work in partnership with our students and their families.

  • A focus on college readiness for all students so that all students can make choices about their post-secondary education and future.

What We Do

We seek to provide a world-class education for students from educationally underserved communities in Lynn and Boston. Our student demographics mirror those of neighborhood schools in terms of race, socioeconomic status, English Language Learners, and students who receive special education services.

Our promise to families is that their children will enter college and the professional world able to thrive academically due to their literacy, numeracy, and core knowledge in science and social studies. We also promise that our students will develop the zest for learning and grit necessary to persevere as they climb the mountain to and through college and career. Our graduates will be prepared to return to their community as teachers, leaders, and architects of continued growth in Lynn and Boston.


Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Vision

At KIPP Massachusetts, we believe that Knowledge is Power. Every day, our team and family have the opportunity to either perpetuate systems of oppression or disrupt them. We are compelled by the ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Therefore, we continuously commit to operating as an anti-racist organization.  Read more at Diversity Equity Inclusivity Vision.


Who We Are

KIPP Massachusetts began enrolling students in 2004. We currently hold two charters, operating two “districts.” Our first district, KIPP Academy Lynn Charter School, is based in Lynn, MA.  Our second district, KIPP Academy Boston Charter School, is based in Mattapan, MA. Each district is housed on one or more “campuses,” which we use to refer to different grade spans, for example, elementary grades, middle school grades, or high school grades.

In Lynn, KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary (serving grades K-4), KIPP Academy Lynn Middle (serving grades 5-8), and KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (serving grades 9-12), are all under our Lynn charter.  Admission to any grade in the Lynn district is admission to all remaining grades in the Lynn district K-12. 66% of our students in Lynn are Hispanic, 23% are Black, and 11% are other races/ethnicities.

KIPP Academy Boston(serving grades K-8) operates under our Boston charter. Admission to any grade in the Boston district is admission to all remaining grades in the Boston district, K-8. 68% of our students in Boston are Black, 30% are Hispanic and 2% are other races/ethnicities.

Across both districts, in the school year, 2021-2022 KIPP Massachusetts will serve over 2,100 students.


KIPP National

KIPP Massachusetts is part of the nation-wide KIPP non-profit network of 255 college-preparatory, public charter schools educating more than 100,000 early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students.

KIPP Massachusetts is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for all of our students, families, teachers, staff, and community members.


Job Description

At KIPP MA, we believe our students’ character and emotional growth is inextricably linked to their academic progress. Our school counselors play a vital role in shaping the culture of our schools and helping students lead a life of impact and choice. School counselors are responsible for supporting the emotional, social, academic, and character growth and well-being of KIPP MA students and families. Counselors are an integral part of the KIPP team working to ensure our students succeed in school and go on to lead self-sufficient, successful, and happy lives.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Manage aspects of the referral process for social services, partnerships, and special education services, including:

  • Providing support and documentation for all students with IEPs

  • Meeting regularly with students who have mandated counseling on their IEPs

  • Conducting regular assessments of current and emerging student and family needs

  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with external agencies

  • Referring individuals and families to external resources and services and collaborating with said services

  • Consult with the school’s Student Response Teams to develop comprehensive supports and interventions to students who are presenting challenging behaviors.

  • Communicate effectively with students, families, and colleagues, and respond to family concerns promptly and effectively.

  • Participate actively in team meetings, school-wide activities, professional development, and other events.

  • Directly support the students’ social and emotional health to ensure their well-being and safety.

  • Communicate with proper support staff about student behavior, attendance, and other possible challenges, and support Principal, Deans, and teachers when discipline issues arise.

  • Provide recommendations to the staff and leadership team around approaches to working with struggling students.

  • Establish a professional rapport and strong relationship with students, staff, and families.

  • Display the highest ethical and professional behavior and confidentiality when working with students, parents, and staff.




Qualified candidates have the following:

  • A belief in the mission and values of KIPP

  • MSW or Master’s degree in a counseling-related discipline

  • Experience working within a school environment or extensive work with children or young adults

  • Experience in therapeutic modalities related to children and families in traditionally underserved communities, including assessment and treatment of trauma.  Experience in play-therapy is desired.

  • A strong work ethic, extensive knowledge of child and adolescent development, and a documented track record of personal and professional success

  • Oral and written proficiency in Spanish or Haitian Creole are highly preferred

  • Must pass Communication and Literacy MTEL within first 6 months of taking the role (preferably completed before start date)

Additional Information


Compensation is commensurate with experience and includes a comprehensive benefits package.

Application process:

  1. Submit your resume and application through our online job board  at

  2. The KIPP MA Recruitment Team will select candidates to move forward to the phone interview stage.

  3. Following the phone interview, the KIPP MA team will invite qualified candidates to interview with KIPP MA School or Regional Office Teams. 

KIPP Massachusetts, KIPP Academy Lynn, and KIPP Academy Boston are equal opportunity employers. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, gender identity, religion, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, age, ancestry, special need, proficiency in the English language, or a foreign language. We are committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff and encourage applications from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

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