President, External

  • New York, NY, USA
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time
  • Department: KIPP Foundation (national roles)
  • Start Date: Immediate opening

Company Description


The KIPP Foundation has hired the Executive Search firm, Spencer Stuart to lead the search for this senior leader. Interested candidates should email [email protected].


Great education transforms lives. KIPP, the Knowledge is Power Program, is a non-profit network of 255 college-preparatory, public charter schools educating over 110,000 early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students. Today, over 30,000 alumni are making their mark in the world with 15,000 of them in college.  KIPP alumni are sitting on school boards, in state legislatures, working at technology companies, launching their own enterprises, teaching and leading schools, and starting out in their first jobs.

The Moment

KIPP’s mission, scale, and aspirations provide an unparalleled platform to address the inequities pervasive throughout communities across the country.  This is one of the few national enterprises equipped to offer the education, engagement, and advocacy necessary to ensure that all students achieve their greatest potential and advance us towards a more informed, inclusive, and just society.

Black and Latinx families continue to demonstrate their support for school choice through poll data and lengthy waitlists at high-performing non-profit charter schools. This has not yet translated into adequate support from policymakers who are meant to represent their interests. This must change.

The KIPP Foundation embraces the critical need to create the conditions through which high-performing schools will flourish over the next decade and beyond. This leader will reframe the national dialogue about charter schools and center the discussion around students, families, teachers and alumni – individuals whose voices have too often been discounted.   

Job Description

The Position

In close collaboration with all leaders at the KIPP Foundation and marshalling the power of external allies, the core responsibility of this executive leader is to clearly define and articulate KIPP’s boldest aspirations, and secure the support and resources that will deepen lasting impact within the communities KIPP serves.

The President, External is a newly created position that will have the opportunity to provide transformational leadership for the KIPP Foundation and within the broader sector. The President, External will drive KIPP’s positioning and partnerships externally while helping oversee the organizational health and governance of the KIPP Foundation. The President, External will partner closely with the President, Network whose primary focus is ensuring that the KIPP Foundation delivers impactful services and support to KIPP regions as the network faces the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and drives against its 2025 strategy.

This President, External will be a strategic, relational leader who can forge and leverage national and local alliances, funding partnerships, and policy setters that will unleash the full potential of the non-profit charter school movement. In partnership with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the KIPP President, Network, the President, External will architect the blueprint for KIPP’s next decade of growth and expanded opportunity realizing KIPP’s ambition to grow its team to nearly 250,000 – with 160,000 children in our schools and 80,000 alumni across the country. 

As an advocate, resource generator, strategic leader, and bridge builder this President will create a transformational step-change in the organization’s impact.  

Core responsibilities include:

  • Build Allies: Leverage local and national relationships across community, funding and political landscapes to deepen KIPP’s impact. Current allies and strong partners include the United Negro College Fund, Democrats for Ed Reform, and Unidos. There is room to develop more relationships of influence.
  • Amplify the Voices that Matter: Through direct-line management, partner with Chief of Policy and Public Affairs to elevate the voices of our students, families, and KIPP alumni leaders to shape the national discourse about—and impact of—education.  Guide board members’ engagement on priority projects that focus students, families and alumni in our work.
  • Drive the creation and evolution of a National Alumni Network:  Nurture the newly designed—and alumni led—KIPP Alumni Network to help our soon-to-be 80,000 college-aged alumni find and use their voices to be the change they wish to see in the world.  Keep the network on a path to seeing 1000+ KIPP alumni in positions of power and influence by 2040 through leadership development programming, career affinity groups, and partnerships with allied organizations across the country. 
  • Secure and deploy resources: Partner with the Chief Development Officer, CEO and Board to raise financial support for KIPP’s 2025 vision and accelerate progress within both the KIPP Foundation and KIPP regions. Through direct-line management, partner with KIPP Foundation’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief People Officer to set and deploy resources against strategic priorities and ensure that the KIPP Foundation attracts and develops sector-leading talent that will take us into the future.
  • Collaborate: Work closely with the President, Network who will lead several core areas of KIPP’s work including improving academic outcomes (with an immediate focus on early literacy), ensuring greater alumni success through strong high schools, and reaching more children by supporting growth within—and beyond—existing communities.



Senior leadership experience within a complex organization
Led and managed high-performing, cross-functional internal- and external-facing teams, ideally in a distributed network setting.

Stakeholder management experience
Managed, collaborated with, and influenced, an array of constituencies with diverse experiences and viewpoints, often with informal authority.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Tangible commitment to dismantling racist and white-normative practices, and to creating professional environments in which Black and Latinx leaders thrive.

Experience serving as a public voice 
Record of effective and credible communication to a range of internal and external stakeholders, including  board, staff, partner organizations, relevant policymakers, and the media.

Mission-aligned experience
Leadership experience within and personal commitment to organizations aligned with KIPP’s mission and values. 

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The KIPP Foundation has hired the Executive Search firm, Spencer Stuart to lead the search for this senior leader. Interested candidates should email [email protected].

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