Video Editor/Post Production Lead

  • Full-time

Company Description

Jpixx Video Agency: Jpixx specializes in custom content messaging through cinematic narratives and high-energy edits. Our distinct vision pushes the boundaries of integrated media and we are known for our ability to apply the most effective video execution to the project at hand. With exceptional camera work, motion graphics, video editing and design, our work targets a diverse audience who value authenticity and crave an emotional connection bringing every­day people and places into extraordinary light. See how we Capture Life Creatively here:

Job Description

Are you a swiss-army knife of post production with a passion for editing across every spectrum of digital video? Do you relish the idea of doing the work you love and not having to worry about budgeting, sales and self-promotion? Do you long to work in a busy but supportive environment alongside other like-minded artists as you push the agency forward in creating high quality content?

Just as important, are you capable of collaborating with fellow-editors to elevate their work? The Ideal candidate will have a desire to stay on top of industry trends and always learn and share that knowledge. This can be a fast-paced climate but is also immensely rewarding to co-create messaging that can move people and shape culture.

At Jpixx, you will be working daily with our talented team through every stage of production - but predominantly post-production. At times, you may help concept and be on set, but the bulk of the job is to cut clips, form narratives, sweeten sound, mix music, stylize with color and punctuate with motion graphics. Everyone has a role to play at each stage of production, so wearing multiple hats is a must.

Be an integral part of business that is growing and connected to the community with clients locally, nationwide and abroad. Jpixx aims to provide businesses with an expansive set of high-end video production solutions catered specifically to meet their digital needs.

What you will do: 

Editing and Post Production Work 50-70% 

  • Exhibit exceptional post production execution, advanced in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, proficient in Audition, Lumetri and Photoshop.
  • Edit to tell the story simply, beautifully and accurately, with style and finishing touches to inform and inspire audiences. 
  • Be well versed and able to edit videos that are various lengths, styles and subject matters, all that we do across the digital spectrum.  
  • Motion graphics abilities in addition to strong editing skills is preferred. 

Working with Editors/Clients 15-25%

  • Be a creative leader on projects within our post production workflow and potentially with concept, design and musicality.
  • Effectively build and manage relationships with clients, the team, producers and Creative Director to help move projects forward. 
  • Represent the Creative Marketing team at meetings, providing meaningful input to best support a project and our clients.
  • Working with multiple editors of different skills and personalities towards goals.

On set - 5 -15%

  • Provide foresight and planning (special effects supervise) and execution for motion graphics in production and in pre-production stages. 
  • Have a firm grasp of on-set etiquette along with strong production knowledge experience.
  • Ability to run live streams, direct and stay on top of the latest technology and video solutions.
  • Be able to carry out multiple roles while on set that help the team - picking up a camera to capture footage, grip, produce, PA etc… No job is too small.


  • Highly Proficient with editing software and the Adobe CC, specifically Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop in a Mac Platform.
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional editorial video experience in a high-volume environment. 
  • At least one year of Agency Experience or similar, working in advertising or marketing environments, carrying out client goals.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Video-Making or relevant equivalent experience of the same amount of time.
  • Strong body of work, with proven capacity in several styles and types of video work.
  • Excellent Communication skills. 
  • Working in our Virginia Beach office.
  • Some travel nationally and internationally could be possible. 
  • Some required evening and weekend work and hours beyond the 9-5 involved in this position based on deadlines, weather, magic hour outdoor lighting needs etc…. 


The Ideal Candidate Will:

  • Bring a high-level video and editing skills to the job from day one - pushing our production value to new heights.  
  • Have razor-sharp focus and an unwavering attention to detail at all times. This is a demanding and fast moving position that requires someone who is a positive thinker, self-driven and thrives on the thrill of a challenge.
  • Enjoy the unique challenges of working within the marketing realm of video and have the experience working on a multitude of projects with clients, communicating clear and effective messaging.
  • Bring ideas to life by working closely with directors, peers and outside agencies, conducting themselves in a professional manner.
  • Be a champion of software shortcuts, organized and demonstrate expert technical prowess to meet tight deadlines, while critiquing and polishing work that spans the gamut of complex storylines, dramatic subject matter, straight-forward educational training and action-driven highlight coverage and promotion.
  • Be an editor where story is king, bringing style and uniqueness to every project across multiple video types, but also be versed in motion graphics, color-grading, sound mixing to be able to sing-handedly finish a project. 
  • Possess solid judgment and bring a relentlessly upbeat attitude to the team to lead, contribute towards, collaborate and inspire with patience and humility.
  • A strong interest in creating the best product possible. 
  • Someone living or willing to live within the Virginia Beach area year-round and be in-person in the office full-time.
  • Have strong examples of work showing and listing your role and the amount of outside assistance given from creative directors and other post peers.
  • A continuous learner open and looking for new ideas, jump into new technology, while having leadership skills and interpersonal skills to spread ideas to the team. 
  • Carry an ever positive "can-do" attitude and be a proactive self-starter, able to conduct themselves professionally.

Complimentary Experiences

Art Director, Copywriter, Marketing Savviness, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Directing, Interviewing Skills, Livestream, Green screen, Photography, Director of Photography, Grip, Drone and/or drone certified, Camera Op, Camera Assist, Production Design and/or prop making, Ability to apply set makeup, wardrobe artist, Web Design and Development.

Additional Information


  • Paid time off: holidays, vacation and sick days.
  • Health Insurance, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Opportunities for flex time, Internal training, mentorship, access to industry education.



  1. Send a brief cover letter to introduce yourself, please include any "complimentary experiences" you may have (listed above, or above and beyond the list) you may have. --- If you don't live in the Virginia Beach area and you choose to apply anyway, please address this! 
  2. Send a link(s) to recent relevant video work in your cover letter, with a description of what your role was for the examples sent, and the amount of outside assistance given from creative directors and other post peers.

Applicants who do not share their video work will not be considered, this is an integral step to the selection process as this is a very visual and technical position. 



Here at Jpixx we are a very close-knit community and we work as a team with one another and we take our hiring process seriously. We look at every application thoroughly -  we will communicate through this job platform to keep communication alongside your application. We may reach out to ask for further information and will have rounds of interviews.  Because of the potential volume of applicants, we may not always respond with as much info as we would like, but please know that we appreciate your interest even if a position isn’t an immediate fit. 

No phone calls, or unexpected visits, please. 


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Jpixx LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.