Full stack developer

  • Beirut, Lebanon
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description

Whering is a young fash-tech company looking to radically change our relationship with clothes. Our main product is an app that helps women digitize their wardrobes as well as receive daily styling tips (AI backed) and curated product placement.

Website: www.whering.co.uk

Job Description

We're looking for a full-stack developer to:

  • Build a well architected and highly scalable app using Flutter.
  • Build custom packages in Flutter to support our existing apps.
  • Explore feasible architectures for implementing new features.
  • Resolve any problems existing in the system and suggest and add new features in the complete system.
  • Create a well-structured documentation of the app and best practices for other developers to use.
  • Implement CI/CD for smooth deployment.
  • Ensure security guidelines based on Firebase Cloud Firestore's Security Rules.
  • Suggest new features and/or enhancements.
  • Consulting with our customer facing representatives about software system design and maintenance.
  • Fix bugs that arise through normal use of the app. Install crash analytics tools to prevent and proactively fix bugs in the app.
  • Perform time profiling and memory leaks assessment.
  • Write unit and UI tests for the App.


5+ years of experience in Flutter for mobile apps **and** Web. Preferably acquainted with Flutter 2.0.
Firebase: Should have experience with Cloud Firestore, Push Notifications, Cloud Functions, Analytics, etc.
Figma: Should know how to use Figma to use the design file and use it to export components needed.
Git: To manage and collaborate in different projects with the rest of the team.

Additional Information

Good to have: General Native Android, IOS and JS experience: To build custom Flutter Packages. Firebase for data analytics.

We unfortunately can't provide you with any software license or hardware, so you must be equipped at your own expense.

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