Graphic Designer/Finalizer Content Creator and Manager for Online Product Library

  • Bouar, Lebanon
  • Full-time

Company Description


We are architects, engineers, designers and communicators. We are lighting experts, specialised in the planning, implementing and manufacturing of light and lighting fixtures.

We design and build light. The light source and the luminaire. The application and the space. In-between design and build; that is our zone, at the overlap of reason and emotion. It is where we built our process-led ecosystem, where we rely on making connections and inciting dialogues in order to conceive a context-specific holistic lighting concept and provide all the instruments needed to implement it.

We operate an in-house manufacturing facility in Lebanon and maintain workshops in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Beirut, Bologna, Dubai, London and Stuttgart. Our spaces and people allow for hands-on exploration, discovery and testing ideas through mock-ups and prototypes. We work closely with our clients and collaborators, as well as each other. Our family has approximately 150 members and counting – working in 8 countries and 6 languages.

Our approach is always project-specific. There is no set recipe at hand. Each project is a new story and our aim is to generate a specific experience and response.

Our products are developed to interpret a space and solve a lighting need. Our aesthetics serve the same purpose. Attention to detail. Proportion and function. Because of this, our optical tools are our essential ingredients.

Job Description

About you

A technical-minded hyper-organized designer; someone who doesn’t like idle hands.
Someone with a keen eye for detail who enjoys diving into the nitty gritty as well as zoom out to see the big picture; a designer who thrives in the routine.
A self-proclaimed perfectionist who takes pride in their technical skillset and efficiency.



·        Organize and manage existing content library and files

·        Create library of elements (ingredients) that are always used to make process more efficient  

·        Coordinate across teams to gather information and data needed

·        Review and assess existing content types on current online library

·        Create all content needed for weekly product upload


Application requirements

·        Full-time position / Monday > Friday / 8:30am > 6:00pm

·        Location on-site required / Bouar, Lebanon (5 minutes after Casino du Liban)

·        Bachelor’s degree or Technical degree in graphic design or related field

·        Minimum 3-4 years of experience

·        Good written and verbal communication (English)

·        Good understanding of core design principles including typography, grids, and layout

·        Experience with photo-editing and manipulation as well as product cutouts and renderings

·        Expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

·        Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams

·        Superb time-management and technical skills


Application Checklist

1. Resume (pdf attachment)
2. Portfolio (pdf attachment or link)
3. Cover letter (pdf attachment) explaining:
          - why you would be a great fit for this position
          - what you hope to achieve in the next 2-3 years
          - what is one of your favorite brands and why
          - choose a quote that describes your work mentality and culture

4. Email body to include:
          - Questions or concerns about one of the application requirements
          - Salary expectations/requirements
          - Earliest available starting date

Please note that applications that don’t meet the requirements and checklist will not be considered.

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