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Jobs for Humanity is partnering with Osseo to build an inclusive and just employment ecosystem. Therefore, we prioritize individuals coming from the following communities: Refugee, Neurodivergent, Single Parent, Blind or Low Vision, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Military Veterans, the Elderly, the LGBTQ, and Justice Impacted individuals. This position is open to candidates who reside in and have the legal right to work in the country where the job is located.

Company Name: Osseo

Job Description

General Purpose of Job: To help every individual reach their full potential, achieve their goals, contribute to the community, and continue learning throughout their lives. Description: Coordinate and oversee Early Childhood & Family Education, School Readiness, and Pre-School Screening Programs. Secure funding for early childhood education through grants and other sources. Act as a liaison with external agencies. Promote communication between different programs in the district's early childhood education. Strategic Leadership: - Align with the organization's mission and values. - Create and communicate a shared vision for the responsible areas. - Implement continuous improvement processes. - Foster high expectations for student achievement, teaching standards, and cultural diversity. - Develop strategies for early childhood programs, ensuring access for all families with children aged from birth to kindergarten. - Build a strong and inclusive community, respecting different races, cultures, values, and traditions. - Establish partnerships with related groups and organizations. - Assess community needs regularly and use findings to improve programming. Instructional Leadership: - Support staff in applying their expertise effectively. - Guide and coordinate hiring for direct reports. - Provide supervision, feedback, and evaluations to direct reports. - Delegate tasks and make effective decisions to meet deadlines. - Take charge of hiring, training, and evaluations. - Develop and implement curricula aligned with state indicators and parent education core curriculum. - Use data to identify student needs, achievement gaps, and interventions for improvement. - Utilize reflective practice and action research to enhance teaching strategies. - Share leadership responsibilities and supervise daily management practices. - Plan, review, and evaluate programs. - Communicate regularly with staff to maintain a collaborative approach. - Lead marketing and outreach efforts to inform district families about available options. Management Skills: - Manage department resources effectively. - Ensure compliance with policies and regulations. - Make sound decisions to solve problems. - Maintain a safe environment for students and staff. - Supervise site maintenance and security. - Lead and build community partnerships. - Develop and monitor budgets, explore funding opportunities. - Write grant reports and applications. - Stay informed about state and federal reporting requirements. - Maintain accurate program data. - Interact effectively with diverse individuals and groups. Interpersonal Skills: - Communicate clearly and effectively. - Encourage open communication and feedback. - Support and understand others' needs and concerns. - Resolve conflicts and demonstrate cultural responsiveness. - Facilitate group discussions. - Engage families and stakeholders in meaningful dialogue. - Interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Professionalism: - Maintain a professional demeanor and confidentiality. - Represent the district positively. - Commit to professional growth. - Demonstrate reliability, adaptability, and flexibility. - Exhibit ethical behavior and inspire others to perform at higher levels. - Stay updated on early childhood research, trends, and best practices. - Collaborate with other district programs and initiatives. Required Work Experience and License/Certification: - Three years of relevant programming experience. - Three years of supervisory experience. - Early Childhood or Parent and Family Education licensure required. - Minnesota Administrative License required. Skills, Knowledge, Abilities: - Understanding of early childhood programs and developmental needs. - Strong organization and management skills. - Ability to promote collaboration and delegate effectively. - Proficiency in oral and written communication. - Independence in carrying out job responsibilities. - Knowledge of school budgeting, planning, and evaluation. - Ability to coordinate with a large school district system. Salary/Benefits: Full-time, exempt, 12-month position. Salary range is $107,225 to $127,906, plus benefits. Osseo Area Schools Offers: - Meaningful and impactful work. - Professional growth opportunities. - Various benefits. Equal Employment Opportunity Statement: Osseo Area School District promotes equal opportunities regardless of race, creed, gender, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability. We value a diverse workforce and encourage individuals to apply who can contribute to our diversity. For more information, please refer to our Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity Policy. Veteran’s Preference: Eligible veterans are encouraged to apply. Please submit a legible copy of your DD214 with your application. Accommodation: If you require accommodations during the selection process due to a disability, please contact Human Resources at [email protected] or call 763-391-7007. Thank you for considering joining the Osseo Area School District!
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