Job seeker looking for help/coaching before I start my job search.

  • Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Part-time
  • Department: Job seekers (located anywhere)

Company Description

JobsforAustralia is an NFP supported by a team of volunteer Talent Acquisition & Human Resources specialists throughout Australia looking to support job-seeker, companies, job-boards and anyone affected in the job market by COVID19.

The JobsForAustralia team are here to support job-seekers at the beginning of their search and then connect them with roles listed on any of the public job-boards (i.e. SEEK, Indeed, LinkedIn, Work180, CareerOne etc.), any of the industry/nationwide initiatives (i.e Gov Jobs Hub, Hatch.Exchange) and any other connections the TA & HR volunteers can provide.

Job Description

If you are out of work and would like help with any of the below from one of our team of experts, we would love to hear from you:

  • CV and social profile formatting
  • Job search advice
  • Navigating and search for roles on job-boards
  • Initiatives in the market to apply to.
  • Interview hints and tips. 
  • Video Interview preparation and what to expect.
  • Mock Interviews to practice
  • How to prepare for competency-based questions.
  • And much much more...


Thousands of people have been affected by COVID19 and our team want to help job-seekers in any way we can. No qualifications or level of experience needed to reach out.

Additional Information

JobsForAustralia is not a job-board, RPO or recruitment agency. It is a community project to keep those with skills and experience in TA, HR, and Recruitment who have been affected by COVID19. Our Volunteers will be assisting job seekers by preparing them and help to connect them to the job market via job boards, employers that are hiring or other services that are in the marketplace such as Hatch and TechLife.

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