• Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Part-time

Company Description

Jeeon’s purpose is to Make Well-being Universal. 
We are trying to bridge the healthcare divide for 100 million underserved rural people in Bangladesh, partnering with bright and compassionate young doctors, using cutting-edge technologies. Jeeon is creating a unique last-mile franchise infrastructure manned by existing rural pharmacists, who are trained and equipped by us, so that they can function as an intermediary between doctors and rural patients. 

Job Description

There are several opportunities to explore within Jeeon amongst the various teams functioning towards upholding  and delivering on our value of 'Putting Patients First'. Whether you are from the field of computer engineering, or love to immerse yourself in data and research of quantitative or qualitative nature or are an out and out numbers guy crunching away on your number pad, there is always a place for you to make a meaningful contribution in Jeeon. Being an organisation racing towards rapid expansion there are several interesting projects in the pipeline that just might be the right fit for you!


We are looking to work with interns who will be..

- a current graduate or undergraduate student seeking to obtain experience in a young and growing company

- a person who can grasp concepts quickly and is enthusiast about trying out different ways of doing things. At Jeeon as much as we love celebrating successes we equally indulge in celebrating our failures.

- passionate and driven towards being part of a tide to make a difference in the lives of the underserved.

-  Organised and Timely. We dont believe in a strict 9-5 regime and thus offer the flexibility to utilise your hours as you like. However, we do expect you to be reliable and dependent to complete your responsibilities on time.

- Proficient in using office related tools

Additional Information

Here at Jeeon we believe in fairness and provide perks that are all the same from  the office assistant to the CEO of the organisation!

Some of these are perks are:

- equal health coverage

-a healthy and subsidised meal plan for all(your health is our primary concern!)

-  bi-annual retreats! ( a break is necessary from time- to time)

- flexible working hours ( that's right, we don't expect you to come into the office everyday )

Our culture is warm and welcoming.  We like to live by our 7 values and incorporate it not only in our work but also in our daily lives. We love birthdays and prank our employees at every chance we get.!We believe in being responsible too- so we clean up after ourselves and others, doing the dishes, clearing tables etc.It's a shoeless office, so barefeet it or bring your comfy flipflops! 

And these are only some of the fun things, come join us and experience the pleasure of being a Jeeonite! :)