Full Stack Mobile Applications Developers

  • Contract

Company Description

Job Title: Full Stack Mobile Applications Developers

Department: Information Technology

Term: Multiple Openings (Intermediate and Senior), contract and full time

Location: Woodbridge (Hwy 427 and Steeles)

Our Information Technology division is responsible for the infrastructure and software to enable the efficient operation ---including toll capture, account management, financials, and data storage/analytics---as well as customer services including call centre, web, IVR and supporting workflows.

Delivery is accomplished using an Agile-Scrum approach, including self-organization, short iterations, strong collaboration, and dedicated teams in scrum rooms. We are looking for an energetic professional with a positive outlook to augment our growing team.

We are hiring a team of Applications developers for the Digital and Mobile products team with the following skill sets:

Job Description

General Duties, Responsibilities and Job Functions

  • Demonstrate the attributes of a good Scrum team member:
  • Team Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Agility
  • Energy
  • Cross-Functionality
  • Learn, follow and adapt Agile software development processes
  • Actively participate in Scrum Planning, decomposing Product Backlog Items into tasks and associated estimating of effort
  • Select and complete appropriate tasks from the Scrum Wall, balancing existing skills with a willingness to learn
  • Share and gain knowledge through collaboration, pairing, or other related methods
  • Continuously learn new skills to strengthen the team and to be able to operate as a Feature Team
  • Build Quality In through techniques such as Test-Driven Development, constant feedback, Test Automation, and Continuous Integration
  • Communicate often and effectively with other Team Members, the Scrum Master, and the Product Owner
  • Demonstrate completed work to team and to stakeholders at Sprint Review
  • Participate in regular team reviews, assessing each other’s performance and fostering continuous improvement


Full stack Mobile Applications Developer

  • Minimum 2 years of experience implementing production-grade features using NoSQL databases
  • Broad experience with cloud-based services that support mobile app features
  • Expertise in Python, JavaScript (ES6), including platforms such as nodejs
  • Experience with real-time communications such as WebSocket, along with third-party APIs such as Google Maps, and payment processing solutions (for example Stripe)
  • Experience building Cross-platform mobile applications with a strong familiarity of both Swift/Objective-C, and Java for Android
  • Experience with front-end frameworks and libraries such as React, React Native, and Redux
  • Strong communication skills, someone who can bridge between the backend developers & the BSA / Product people
  • Preferred experience with streaming platforms such as Kafka, kafka streams, apache spark, apache storm