Director of Software Engineering, Eastern Europe

  • Grazhdanskaya Ulitsa, 13, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190031
  • Full-time

Company Description

A USA-based software company with offices in St. Petersburg, Russia, is seeking a director-level engineer to join and lead our 15-engineer (and growing fast) team.

What makes our engineering team great? Our team has strong engineering!

  • We maintain a very well-organized codebase with complete Dependency Injection.
  • Each class/component implements an interface and every other class depends on that interface. Loosely coupled / High cohesiveness.
  • We follow SOLID principles.
  • We practice TDD
  • Complete CI/CD 
  • We have a motivated engineering team that likes to innovate and create the next generation of solutions


What makes Intrigma great? We offer the state of the art in scheduling solutions. 

Intrigma is a fast-growing cloud software company that is transforming the healthcare industry by providing hospitals and physician groups the most advanced scheduling software. Scheduling is complicated (really complicated, like NP-Complete complexity!), and our solution simplifies it — the company's offices in Times Square, New York City, and St. Petersburg, Russia.  Our engineering team hosts travel-hackathons and enjoy other cities around the world while writing great code! Previous hackathon destinations included Portugal, Madrid, and various locations in Eastern Europe.

Job Description


Your job:
As a leader of the Engineering team, you would be responsible for partnering with your Product, UX, DevOps, Testing, and other team members to complete the company's engineering goals both in the US and internationally.

You would be responsible for coming up with a strategy for this team in order to lay down the path for success to accomplish our 2020 goals and beyond.

You would provide technical leadership and guidance and would help facilitate the team to build out new capabilities and/or systems in a manner such that they drive efficiency of execution while solving for scale, resilience, reliability at the same time. You would coach and grow technical leaders and help them be successful individual contributors or managers at Intrigma. 

  • Lead, inspire, and influence to make sure your team is successful
  • Partner with the recruiting team to attract and retain high-quality and diverse talent
  • Establish great rapport with other development teams, Product Managers, Sales and Customer Success to maintain high levels of visibility, efficiency, and collaboration
  • Ensure teams have appropriate technical direction, leadership and balance between short-term impact and long term architectural vision.
  • Lead 15-30 engineers of various types (full stack, architect, UI, testing automation, mobile)

You are someone who is looking for an opportunity to shape the future of an organization. You enjoy working on challenging ideas and are not afraid to jump in and drive those ideas to its eventual conclusion. You have a strong point-of-view on both technology design and product direction and have had demonstrable successes in the past. You like to take calculated risks based on previous experience and feel accountable for the outcome. You are data-driven and like to base discussions on the merits of data as opposed to personal bias. You enjoy working with teams, are always looking to uplevel their capabilities, and care deeply about their well-being. You like to coach individuals and leaders and help them accomplish their own career goals.



  • 5+ years managing software engineering teams in B2B Web or SaaS products
  • Experience leading a geographically distributed software engineering organization comprising multiple teams
  • Strong technical background that allows you to advocate for and support your engineers and help them hands-on when needed
  • Experience building strong partnerships with other job functions, like product, marketing and UX, to keep teams collaborating smoothly and working together to improve the product.
  • Strong desire to understand the root cause and details of systems, get hands-on with data and analysis to evaluate how the team and the product are growing.
  • Experience with service-oriented and event-driven system architectures, building high-performance distributed systems

Additional Information


  • Work with a ninja team of motivated people looking to change the world!

  • Organized code base, SOLID, TDD, CD/CI, DI

  • A professional workplace that is fun

  • Relocation to beautiful Saint Petersburg

  • Opportunities for relocation to the USA 

  • Travel-hackhatons: enjoy other cities around the world while writing great code

  • Company outings, events, and an awesome office environment

  • A team of very kind and friendly people who are passionate about making a difference in healthcare

  • Ask….we have more!