Data Scientist (Senior Level)

  • Olof Palmestraat 1, Delft, Netherlands
  • Full-time

Company Description

You see things a little differently. So do we! We believe that what you value is more important than what your CV says. We offer positions that will challenge your skills and let you grow. Come see things a little differently with us.

Company Description

The world is changing and the IKEA business is changing with it. For IKEA though, one thing will always remain the same ─ our vision to create a better everyday life for the many people.

We will strengthen and develop our competences in order to meet the needs and dreams of the many people around the world. And to be accessible and relevant, wherever and whenever they wish to meet IKEA.

About Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. (Core Business Franchise) owns the IKEA Concept and is the worldwide IKEA franchisor. We are specifically responsible for the IKEA strategic framework, ensuring the IKEA Concept is updated, relevant, implemented and followed-up – together with all IKEA trademark users.

How do we do this? By enabling people across the IKEA value chain, and creating unique content to develop the IKEA business. Here are some examples of our different assignments.

  • We develop solutions that will ensure a unique and successful meeting with IKEA customers.
  • We lead the work around when and how IKEA expands in the world, enabling one common way of working with high impact at a low cost.
  • We create the preconditions to strengthen the IKEA Culture and develop the right competence to meet customer and business needs.

An important part of our success is our unique culture and open working environment. Together, we create a workplace where everyone feels free to be themselves – to experiment, try new ways, and dare to ask, “What if…?” We believe in everyday personal growth and offer the opportunity to develop your career globally. 
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Job Description

As a Data scientist you work on the more complex data analytics challenges. You are involved in curating the data sets needed for successful analysis and are comfortable with using at least one common programing language to work with data (i.e. Python, R, Scala, or similar). You lead the creation of models based on the gathered data, and know how to develop, test and deploy analytical models in a modern cloud based environment, using code as infrastructure and containers as a natural part of your toolkit. You understand the business value of the data you work with, and help communicate the results from analytics both inside and outside your product team and strive to show how data is helping the team fulfill the product vision.

You work with your product team every day, but especially data engineers and insight focused colleagues to provide the team with the analytics needed to efficiently deliver to the product roadmap.

You take your colleagues by the hand and you advise in understandable language what is needed to enable you and the team to use data in the most efficient way. You are regularly involved in workshops and brainstorms with users to determine large and small data opportunities and support the team to communicate product delivery with regard to data and analytics.

Your main responsibilities as a Data scientist (Senior Level) will be:

  • As a part of a product team facilitate the establishment of transparent, reproducible, reusable and generalisable data science products and services.
  • Design, develop and maintain data science models or algorithms, for your area or product.
  • Collaborate with other parts of the Product Team or area to understand needs of stakeholders and devise possible solutions.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of methodologies, accelerators or algorithms created for specific models or analysis.
  • Responsible to make sure that the insights and conclusions from models created by you are easily available to, and understood by other parts of the organisation.
  • Continuously improve existing models.
  • Work closely together with data engineers, architects, analysts, peers, and other relevant roles across IKEA as well as in your team.
  • Ensure application and consistency with relevant digital frameworks, principles, guidelines, and standards.
  • Document and make the operational know-how of the data science models available to the IKEA ecosystem.
  • Keep up to date with the latest technology trends.
  • Assure quality and contribute to testing of deliverables.


  • Comprehensive understanding of statistical and machine learning techniques.
  • Able to understand various data structures and common methods in data transformation.
  • Proficiency with an appropriate set of languages, technologies, and frameworks (e.g., Python, R, Julia, Stan, Tensorflow, Keras, Jupyter, Databricks) and cloud environments (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google).
  • Proficiency with data modelling techniques and concepts incl. conventional databases (SQL, Oracle or related) as well as distributed technologies and graph databases.


  • Identify methodologies and techniques appropriate for the product-related business challenges.
  • Ability to explain statistical and machine learning techniques to non-technical stakeholders and software engineers.
  • Can work in an agile product team with technology as a business tool translating requirements into solutions, balancing user experience, business needs and IT constraints.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills: active listening, coaching, and facilitating.
  • Ability to make complex situations and math simple, understood and embraced.


  • Eager to take initiative and driven to achieve results with people.
  • Enjoy developing IKEA through innovation and by building relationships and networks.
  • Has a growth mind-set: curious to explore, eager to learn and finding better ways, as well as and energised by sharing.
  • Inspired by possibilities and opportunities digital and information technology bring to enable, transform and break new grounds.
  • Commitment to the users and customers with energy to champion their needs.

Required/ Relevant work experience

  • Master's degree or similar qualifications in statistics, physics, mathematics, econometrics, computer science or related.
  • Experience as a project member in agile project environments and methodologies as well in running business activities.
  • Preferred 5 years experience in equal or comparable position.
  • Experience from the business the Product Area is supporting and enabling.
  • Preferred: previous knowledge/experience of/in the IKEA retail system

Additional Information

This is a full time position (40h/week). Travelling may be required based on business needs. Please send your application – CV and motivation letter in English – by 6th of August 2021.

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