Range & Product Innovation Manager

  • Älmhult, Sweden
  • Full-time

Company Description

Can you really reach out to the whole world, while working in a tranquil idyll in the middle of the woods in the south of Sweden? In Älmhult you can. Inter IKEA Range & Supply, R&S, is a core business within Inter IKEA Group, responsible for developing and supplying the global IKEA range. IKEA of Sweden AB, or IoS, is one of two core units within Range & Supply, and is responsible for developing and determining the IKEA range and making it available to stores and customers all over the world. IoS is based in Älmhult – the heart of IKEA and the center of IKEA range development and supply chain.

At Range & Product Development we are enabling outstanding customer value through world class capabilities in design, engineering, innovation and range and product management to strengthen ​​​​all part ​of democratic design.​

The Innovation team aims to explore and innovate new solutions that strengthen the IKEA range and products, including new product segments and functionality while securing capacities to develop, validate and deploy new revolutionary innovation on the market.

Now we are looking for a Range & Product Innovation Manager to join an amazing business and a great team where we work together and truly want to make a difference!

Job Description

Lead the Innovation approach and be responsible for creating, leading and communicating parts of the IKEA Range & Communication Strategy to secure that we are continuously innovative and democratise innovation throughout the whole organisation to fulfil the commitment of creating a better everyday life for the many people. Enable and ensure that IKEA at all times explore, ideate and create revolutionary innovative solutions to significantly move all boundaries, both of democratic design and our long term objectives. 

Lead Range & Product Innovation and its underlying capability areas and support area

  • Innovation Development Keep together the Strategic Range Innovation portfolios and a common framework and development methodology, based on IKEA vision, three roads forward and big problems in Life at Home. Securing visibility and ability to connect innovation initiatives within the IKEA network to build unique solutions with highly competitive consumer value utilizing the unique IKEA integrated value chain.
  • Innovation deployment Establish and execute the capability for fast lane testing of new innovations  directly with customers/relevant partners, e.g. by launching micro productions into selected markets for complete customer verification and industrial validation
  • Innovation ventures - Establish and execute a common innovation venture setup that will enable us to invest and incubate innovation initiatives that are in need to mature further, or that goes beyond IKEAs current business as well as expertise in partnerships & negotiations and facilitation capabilities
  • Innovation Support - The innovation approach is supported by a small and efficient team of specialists to ensure that the total innovation portfolios are kept united, structured and effective, as well as securing accessibility to critical expertise capabilities and competences across the value chain, e.g. PMO including DNS process, IP/Patent, finance and business support.

With desire to make a better everyday life for the many people utilize our creative processes and co-creation platforms to invite the many partners for driving innovation across IKEA.
Furthermore responsible for:

  • Leading range & product innovation as an organisation
  • Leading and facilitating creative and innovative processes in cross functional organisations and team
  • Creating direction, alignment and commitment across organisations to set goals and objectives and an end-to-end perspective around innovations
  • Leading senior leaders and core competences
  • Representing IKEA Innovation in The Bridge (with LnU and Södra), with focus on the Innovation Master


Guided by the strong desire to make a better everyday life for the many people through the power of innovation. Natural explorer at heart that loves to challenge the norm and lead others in the unknown in search for new solutions that will revolutionize life at home. Being different with a meaning have always been your guiding star and you have an undying curiosity that you have the ability to influence others by.

  • Always guided by the IKEA key values you have the ability to lead through communication and creating strong and trustful networks and relationships in collaborative processes. Known to inspire and through your positive energy and stakeholder management you are able to influence through complex structures.
  • Strong ability to lead strategic innovation through, exploration, creativity and ideation – with strategic height and long term view on innovations
  • Strong ability to make things happen and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly and to find ways to bring innovations all the way to customers
  • Strong ability to co-create agenda and roadmaps with senior leaders
  • Extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the customers’ dreams and needs, and how those can be realised through innovation in home furnishing
  • Proven experience leading senior leaders and core competences
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the IKEA Value Chain, the development process and the prerequisites of the Supply and Retail organisations
  • External network – network into other innovation partners, universities

Additional Information

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We look forward to receiving your application in English latest January 15th, 2020. Please note that we will be interviewing continuously, which means that we may close the application process earlier than stated if we find the right candidates. Please send us your application in English today.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact Hiring Manager Henrik Gunnerling at [email protected] If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact Marie Sandman, +46 768545309.

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