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Company Description

We are right now looking for two students that will write their Master thesis for us at IKEA Components from January to June 2021.

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Job Description

Today friction hinges are used worldwide as fittings for folding table tops, lids, windows and benches. However, IKEA does not offer them in the range at the moment, but this is something we would like to change.  By starting to offer friction hinges as an alternative to standard lifters/hinges, we can create an even better open and close experience to the many people.
Friction hinges does not allow the furniture element to swing freely. There is friction within the hinge assembly that is controllable and is used to slow the movement of furniture element to prevent too quick or accidental opening or closing of door elements.

The focus of the master thesis will be on non-adjustable friction hinges, where friction rotation should be in a specified torque range and cannot be adjusted with time. In this case constant torque is achieved by interference fit and permanent connection between hinge and pin.
The main goal is to map the current range on the market and create a less expensive alternative to lifters/hinges offered by IKEA. To do this we need to expand the theoretical background of phenomena based on information available on the internet/books and outcomes from sample production.

Based on information gathered by IKEA so far (theoretical calculations, discussion with manufacturer and outcomes from sample production) and available friction hinge geometry, you will have to complete:

  • Theoretical study describing friction hinge phenomena and manufacturing factors influencing hinge performance (mainly final friction torque).
  • Using simulation software create FEA model to calculate minimum interference fit required to obtain specific friction torque. Compare with theoretical calculations and determine reason of potential differences.  
  • Review available data from sample production and determine potential factors influencing torque consistency between produced samples.
  • Review current materials/lubrication used during sample production and propose potential improvements to increase durability or easy manufacturing process.
  • Review and test designs available on the market to determine current level of competitors’ durability capabilities. Compare design to IKEA proposal and determine potential improvements for this design considering Intellectual Property (IP) constrains.


We are looking for a person with Mechanical Engineering background/education, with passion to solve/understand engineering and manufacturing problems.
You have to be analytic with strong problem solving capabilities.
We expect you to run FEA simulations, so ability to run linear and non-linear structural analyses using one of below simulation tools is a must:
•    SolidWorks Simulation (preferred)
•    LS Dyna (only university licence)
•    Ansys Classic or Workbench (only university licence)

Ability to perform 3D modelling & assembly in SolidWorks is additional advantage.

Additional Information

Sounds interesting? 
Submit your application as soon as possible via this ad, however not later than 22/11 2020.

For more information about the role and the recruitment process, please contact IKEA Supervisors and Requirement & Design Engineers:
[email protected] or [email protected]

We look forward to receiving your application in English!

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