Customer Fulfilment Meeting Point Manager | IKEA Retail | Core Business Franchise

  • Delft, Netherlands
  • Full-time

Job Description

Growing together

The world is changing and the IKEA business is changing with it. For IKEA though, one thing will always remain the same ─ our vision to create a better everyday life for the many people.

We will strengthen and develop competences in order to meet the needs and dreams of the many people around the world and to be accessible, wherever and whenever they wish to meet IKEA.

We are looking for people who have experience from diverse retail organizations and other parts of the value chain ─ from supply to product design, development to manufacturing and everything in between. We offer a unique opportunity to develop a holistic view of the IKEA business. When you grow, IKEA grows too. Do you want to contribute?

 About Inter IKEA Systems and Core Business Franchise

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is the franchisor and the owner of the IKEA Concept, including the IKEA trademarks.

In Core Business Franchise we are responsible for the IKEA strategic framework and keeping it together through an IKEA Concept which is updated, relevant, implemented and followed-up together with all IKEA trademark users.

We enable IKEA people in the value chain by developing new ways of working supported by processes, methods, tools and services, and we also develop the business by leading:

  • The development of solutions that will ensure a unique and successful meeting with existing and new IKEA customers.
  • When and how IKEA expands, enabling one common way of working with high impact at a low cost

We offer an open working environment where everyone feels comfortable to experiment, try new ways and dare to ask: “What if…?” And we offer possibilities for you to develop yourself and your career globally. Read more about us at


About the role

IKEA Retail Experience has the assignment to secure a successful, consistent, and relevant IKEA experience across all customer meeting points that are developed together with Core Business Range & Supply and all IKEA franchisees in order to create a common and unique IKEA way to engage our customers and offer them relevant services

In Customer fulfillment we have the task to secure a relevant offer of Customer fulfilment solutions for all IKEA meeting places.

  • As the Customer Fulfillment Meeting Point manager for IKEA Retail Experience you will: 
  • Develop a CFF framework, including principles, guidelines, examples and tools for how the IKEA range is fulfilled across all customer meeting points, enabling instant gratification and securing a successful and low cost customer fulfilment operation.
  • Identify and define concept and business requirements to safeguard the IKEA Concept and the IKEA Brand for CFF in all IKEA meeting places
  • Lead, facilitate and support development activities, that are new to IKEA and which create a unique competitive advantage through Customer fulfilment solutions/modules that create business impact across IKEA
  • Lead and manage a menu of fulfillment solutions/modules and equipment for existing and future meeting points.

About you

  • You are passionate and curious about the assignment of Core Business Franchise and motivated by the role. You’re a down-to-earth team player who is eager to take initiatives and achieve results with people.
  • You have recent experience in working in a multichannel environment in different logistic units or parts of value chain having deep understanding of goods flow and customer flows.
  • You have a good understanding of how global trends and developments can impact IKEA and have the capability to navigate and lead in a complex, unknown and fast-changing environment and are able to collaborate and work in processes, engaging different IKEA competences in the network.
  • You have been driving a complex business agenda before and have an ease of making tasks and processes understood and actionable across a wide range of stakeholders.
  • You have a proven track record of interdependent leadership that is forward-looking and healthily competitive. You have a vast experience leading creative processes and can easily translate a vision into an inspiring journey that engages people to act. This is supported by a strategic mind-set and a collaborative spirit.
  • You have a broad experience in leading other leaders and senior competences as well as developing new potentials.

Do you have a personality who thrives in an environment in which most things are under development?

Do you have the ability to look at things in a new way and the drive to test and improve our ways of working across IKEA?

Do you get energy from working together with people from IKEA’S entire value chain and create sustainable relationships?

And last but not the least;

If you believe that ‘every moment matters’ and have a passion to develop unique ways to engage our customers and offer relevant services in all meetings then don’t hesitate to apply today!

Additional Information

And last but not the least;

If you believe that ‘every moment matters’ and have a passion to develop unique ways to engage our customers and offer relevant services in all meetings then don’t hesitate to apply today!

It is a full time position (40h/week). The position will be located in the Netherlands. Travel will be required. Please send your application – CV and letter of motivation – in English by the 25 January 2019. We will assess and interview candidates continuously as the applications come in. If you have questions about the role, please contact recruiting manager Edwin Pieterson. If you have questions about the recruitment process, please contact Mia Kullman, HR & Competence Leader for IKEA Retail Experience.


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