Product Engineer - Free Rang(SH_Carbon Steel)

  • Shanghai
  • Full-time

Job Description

Job Objective:

Responsible to identify technical requirements and keep it updated in the product documentation. Secure product performance and compliance according to identified requirements.


Job Requirements:

-      Responsible to secure the complete product documentation (SIR) during the product life cycle

-      Responsible for the development of packaging solution for the product offer, based on input from Retail and packaging concept.

-      Responsible to identify and provide valid technical requirements to product development projects

-      Responsible to secure compliance to each market

-      Responsible to lead gate check: product risk assessment and final reconciliation

-      Responsible to communicate technical requirements to necessary partners in the product development phase (e.g. IOS, ICOMP, Category, IKEA Industry, suppliers)

-      Responsible to plan and lead continuous improvements to reduce COPQ and increase customer happiness

-      Responsible to identify, involve, plan and lead needed resources for the product improvement 

-      Capture and communicate learnings about technical requirements in BA and Matrix dimension

Responsible to develop products from sustainability aspects together with team members.



- University degree in engineering or equivalent

- Fluent in English, both spoken and written

- IKEA concept, strategies and IKEA processes

- IKEA diamond and Democratic design

- Supply Chain knowledge for own Product Area (Cost Drivers, Handling of Goods, Raw material)

- Product Area knowledge (Product requirements, Market, Customer)

- IT tools (PiA, PLUS, CASY, Qlickview, etc)

- Skillful in Solid works.

- Good communication abilities: Argumentation, Negotiation, Presentation

- Analytical skills with ability to transfer knowledge and data into needs and actions.

- Ability to handle large quantaties of information and work with several product types and areas in parallell

- Strong ability to work in teams and make things happen through involving and enganging people

- Good knowledge in carbon steel (materials and production), preferable to have other material knowledge.

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