Trader - Free Range

  • Shanghai, cn
  • Full-time

Job Description

Company Description
Driven by strong values for over 75 years, our vision to create a better everyday life for the many people has led the IKEA brand to global success in home furnishings. Those values and that vision guide us to create a better everyday life for IKEA co-workers, with work that offers challenges, growth, and freedom with responsibility, along with balance and respect for home life – so you have time for family and friends too.

You see things a little differently. So do we. That’s why your values are more important to us than just what’s on your CV. At IKEA, you’ll find positions that challenge you, let you explore your possibilities, and give you a chance to grow – from a position like this one based in Shanghai, China, you never know where in the world a job with IKEA might lead you! Why not come see things a little differently together?

In IKEA Free Range, you’ll find we do all this – and more: 
Free Range serves IKEA customers globally with innovative, locally relevant, market specific products and inspirational Vitality collections. Free Range aims to be close to the market and constantly challenges existing ways of working by testing new and smarter production methods, applying new materials and solutions and finding value chain innovations.

  • Fill the market specific needs on the different IKEA markets

  • Increase speed to market through new methods

  • Tap into commercial opportunities outside the current range offer

  • Support the IKEA brand positioning through IKEA Vitality collections

  • Deliver upon our vision by working with local and small suppliers

Job Description / About the Assignment
as a Trader you’d do all this – and more:

  • Identify and follow up on commercial opportunities, trends and requests while finding new and better ways.

  • Establish and maintain high-performing supplier relationships to meet our business needs and tap into innovations and new opportunities.

  • Develop products throughout the IKEA value chain: in the home, in the store and at the factory floor. 

  • Ensure every IKEA product meets every element of our Democratic Design process – 
    design, function, quality, sustainability, and a low price: exceeding customer expectations

  • Connect and lead the different stakeholders in the IKEA value chain through the development and supply process, with the customer in focus.

About you - What you have that this job needs:

  • Serious interest in people’s life at home, customer needs and living situations.

  • An eye for commercial opportunities: based on supplier possibilities and innovations, customer demands or country specific requirements.

  • Great relationship skills to build long-term business partnerships  

  • Good project management and analytical skills

  • Talent for delivering results by involving and engaging people.

  • Creative and entrepreneurial spirit – open and curious and capable of exploring different perspectives

  • User-centric focus – responding to what customers really want and need to live a better everyday life.


Qualifications - You’ve done things like this before:

  • You have worked in an environment where the customer needs are leading. This can be in a retail environment and or brand environment at a support or service office

  • You are familiar with creating a range or portfolio of products, preferably in different product areas / categories.

  • You have lead projects and processes in relation to product creation: can be from various side: eg as a designer, merchandiser, developer  

  • You have worked in an environment where the customer is central  

  • Good communication in both English and Chinese

Additional Information  

What more are you looking for?  You should know, IKEA is a place where you can:

Be yourself – work at your best, without being micro-managed; enjoy freedom with responsibility.

Keep growing – challenge yourself, gain experience, expand your expertise, try something new.

Go places – move up or into new positions in your unit, country, region – or around the world.

Find balance – enjoy a better everyday life at work and home – with time for family and friends.

Do good – work every day to reduce impacts on people and planet. Sustainability. Seriously

Here’s what it’s like to work in these groups:

Design & Product Development
You develop products and solutions that make life better. You lead and connect people to transform design into real products for real people – from the factory floor to the customer. You’re guided and inspired by Democratic Design – the IKEA view on how to create sustainable products with beautiful design, good function, great quality and low price.

Work area: Purchasing & Sourcing
You’re a born negotiator. You source the world for suppliers for everything from raw materials for products to ink for the printer. You work to maximize what suppliers can provide at the lowest possible prices while assuring safe and sustainable sourcing at all times. Most important: you build mutually beneficial partnerships for the long-term. Want to make a deal? 

Does all of this sound like you? Yes? Then, why not apply?

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