Senior Automation Engineer

  • 64-360 Zbąszyń, Poland
  • Full-time

Company Description

The Automation Development department is a part of Development Arena at Industrial Strategies – IKEA Industry.

As a Senior Automation Engineer you will belong to a skilled and experienced team with the goal to develop and implement excellent, standardized automation solutions in IKEA Industry production units. We work with high speed, quality and structure and our focus is on material handling, automated storages and the packaging processes within our factories. You will ensure that the delivered solutions are right from the beginning, prepared for the upcoming digitalization and Industry 4.0 and take a big role when we improve efficiency and quality in our production. To become even better at reaching our goals we now will build up an Automation Development lab and it will be one of your priorities to build up and run that lab.

Job Description

• Being responsible for the implementation and integration of automated solutions,

• Being responsible for building up an Automation development lab,

• Running the Automation development lab and facilitate the rest of the team in development projects,

• Participating in development of automated solutions,

• Establishing ways of working when integrating and implementing standardized automated solutions,

• Co-operating with suppliers of robotics, other production equipment and software,

• This role requires occasional business trips to other countries and within Poland to other factory sites.


• Skilled in, and with documented knowledge of PLC programming, preferably Siemens,

• Robot programming skills, minimum five years’ experience of working with ABB and/or KUKA,

• Experience of working as an installation supervisor, or similar, for new production lines and preparing lines

  for final acceptance,

• Working knowledge of Servo drives,

• Experience of creating and updating documentation for industrial machines,

• Knowledge of how to collect and communicate data from machines to manufacturing execution systems or  


• You should have a well developed attention to details, be team oriented, diplomatic, curious, motivated and

   organized and enjoy working with people from other cultures and countries,

• English is required on a communicative level (at least B1), to be able to make presentations, discuss issues

  over phone, write emails and be understood. Understanding technical documentation that is written in English 

   is also a must.,

• Driving licence.

Additional Information

Do you like challenges and you get pleasure in solving problems?

Are you looking for a place with great team spirit?

Would you like to join the international team where “renew& improve” and “different with the meaning”  is a part of our daily work? 

We are the place where team diversity and IKEA values are our strength.

We are constantly being on the way and thinking out of the box.

We are creating more cost efficient production solutions and future-proof automation for one of the world’s biggest furniture suppliers.

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