Assistant Girls' Softball Coach

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Company Description

The Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy (IHSCA) provides an education focused on preparing urban youth to succeed in competitive colleges and universities, obtain job-readiness certification for entry-level positions with higher wages in health care, and gain new awareness of and seek out a healthier lifestyle.

In 2016, IHSCA achieved a Level 1 rating from CPS recognizing it as a "high performance" school and "a good choice" for families and students. IHSCA students complete a 32-credit curriculum with additional math and science requirements along with English and Spanish instruction all four years. In additional to classroom instruction, students participate in a number of unique career exploration activities including internship programs, experiential projects working with professionals in the field, guest speakers, and more.

Our school offers a variety of supportive services, chief among them the in-depth guidance provided by IHSCA advisors and educators. Our advisors begin working with students during our required summer bridge program before 9th grade, then stay dedicated to the same group of students throughout all four years of high school to build a trusting relationship and provide quality, tailored support. Given that our goal for students is not only high school graduation, but also college graduation, IHSCA provides Fifth Year advising, helping students transition through their first year of college.

Job Description

·         Know and understand IHSA rules and regulations.

·         Adept at building and maintaining positive relationships with all stakeholder.

·         Highly competent in the sport.

·         Maintain the IHSA coaches’ standards via sport specific coaching clinics and/or IHSA Coaches School.

·         Know and understand IHSCA/CPS rules and regulations concerning athletics.

·         Help maintain an environment that emphasizes character, leadership, sportsmanship, pride, discipline and team building.

·         Input for practice plan (specific to assigned areas).

o   Provides for improvement and skill development.

·         Strive to get better/improve as a coach and leader.

·         Serve as a liaison between the school, parents, and community to promote a positive image for the program.

·         Develop all athletes regardless of skill and ability.

·         Work with other coaches in developing and running summer workouts and/or training sessions.

·         Assist in collection of uniforms and completing inventory.

·         Perform all other duties as assigned.


To serve a member school as a Head or Assistant Coach, athletic coaches in member schools must:

·         Be a formal employee or formally registered volunteer of the district/school.

·         Complete the Concussion Awareness Program designed and required by League by-laws and keep the certification current.

·         Complete the Performance Enhancing Substance Awareness Program designed and required by the IHSA.

·         Complete a formal Coaching Education Program approved by the IHSA (most notably the courses named Coaching Principles and Sports First Aid offered through the American Sport Education Program or Fundamentals of Coaching and First Aid, Health and Safety through the National Federation of High Schools as well as the IHSA Bylaws test or IHSA component): .

·         Complete the NFHS Course “Bullying, Hazing, and Inappropriate contact”.

·         Be nineteen years or older.

·         View the Rules Interpretation Video of their respective sport provided by the IHSA.

Additional Information

Submit cover letter with resume, salary expectations, a completed application (located on our Careers page), and any other information listed above as “additional attachments” when you apply.

Instituto del Progreso Latino is an Equal Opportunity Employer.