Science Teacher 2018-19 School Year (IHSCA)

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  • Full-time

Company Description

The Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy (IHSCA) provides an education focused on preparing urban youth to succeed in competitive colleges and universities, obtain job-readiness certification for entry-level positions with higher wages in health care, and gain new awareness of and seek out a healthier lifestyle.

In 2016, IHSCA achieved a Level 1 rating from CPS recognizing it as a "high performance" school and "a good choice" for families and students. IHSCA students complete a 32-credit curriculum with additional math and science requirements along with English and Spanish instruction all four years. In additional to classroom instruction, students participate in a number of unique career exploration activities including internship programs, experiential projects working with professionals in the field, guest speakers, and more.

Our school offers a variety of supportive services, chief among them the in-depth guidance provided by IHSCA advisors and educators. Our advisors begin working with students during our required summer bridge program before 9th grade, then stay dedicated to the same group of students throughout all four years of high school to build a trusting relationship and provide quality, tailored support. Given that our goal for students is not only high school graduation, but also college graduation, IHSCA provides Fifth Year advising, helping students transition through their first year of college.

Job Description

The Science Teacher reports to the principal and is responsible for teaching science to high school students.  The teacher provides effective and culturally relevant instruction to grades 9-12 that meets both SAT and AVID College Readiness standards and Common Core standards in order to prepare students to graduate from IHSCA with an effective grasp, while incorporating applications of science and scientific thinking to post-secondary experiences.  The science teacher presents concepts with varying research based teaching strategies to ensure student comprehension, while applying hands-on activities, and being actively aware of multiple intelligences in the student body when preparing differentiated curriculum and lessons. In addition the teacher should demonstrate mastery of using research based and effective classroom management techniques. Ultimately, the teacher is responsible for developing science skilled students who are capable of mastering the subject to be fully prepared for the rigors of demanding college curriculum and success as future medical professionals. 



· Actively work with fellow department members to develop appropriate curriculum and lesson plans for 9th to 12th grade students

· Use all resources made available by leadership team and actively seek out new sources of material to share with other department members

· Continually follow best practices to create a safe and inviting classroom environment that fosters both academic and social-emotional learning for all students

· Work collaboratively with instructors to teach and engage with students of a variety of learning styles

· Complete IHSCA weekly lesson plans in a timely manner and make adjustments as recommended by department head and/or administration

· Create lesson plans for all grades and courses being taught by the teacher

· Uses STAR, AVID and Khan Academy data to accurately track student progress on both large scale standardized tests and course-specific tests and quizzes

· Design projects that are rubric based, rigorous, and applicable to health sciences

· Ensure that all students receive appropriate accommodations/modifications as stipulated in the Students with Disabilities Act

· Complete weekly lesson plans based on course scope and sequence in a timely manner and make adjustments as recommended by department head and/or administration

· Compile lesson plans and required classroom materials into the substitute folder, updating as needed

· Collaborate with the special education department to create opportunities for co-teaching and positive whole group learning experiences in the general learning classroom

· Guide pupils in developing skills for writing essays and compositions according to state standards

· Provide scheduled office hours on a regular basis

· Submit daily attendance into PowerSchool

· Input grades into PowerSchool on a timely basis

· Complete all special education paperwork in a timely fashion

· Comply with all regulatory paperwork requirements

· Includes a school-wide focus on the social/cultural domain of learning and student experience, with an emphasis on incorporating the No Non-Sense Nurturing  framework and Health Sciences-related materials into the classroom on a regular basis

· Provide interdisciplinary support to the math and English departments

· Willingness to sponsor and support student extracurricular clubs and activities

·Demonstrate knowledge of school’s vision, mission, and values

· Participate in parent-teacher conferences to discuss student progress

· Contact parents via e-mail, phone, or in conferences to discuss academics and behavior on a regular basis

· Follow all IHSCA school-wide standards regarding teacher behaviors

· Adhere to all IHSCA electronic and web-based rules and restrictions.

· Participate in conferences, workshops and professional development sessions to keep up to date with the best teaching practices

· Work collaboratively with other teachers to address the various learning styles of different students

· Utilize reflective practices to assess personal and professional growth

· Follow all guidelines found in the Instituto and IHSCA employee handbooks

· Other duties as assigned. 


Professional Educator and Leadership

· Identifies and participates in conferences, workshops and Professional Development sessions to keep up to date with the best teaching practices and implementing best practices in the classroom.

· Works collaboratively with instructors of core subjects to identify multiple learning strategies in order to successfully teach students with varying learning styles most effectively and in an engaging manner

· Work collaboratively with social workers, special education staff, and deans of students to ensure the behavioral and educational abilities of students are developed for success after high school.

· Uses reflective practices to assess personal and professional growth in order to seek out opportunities to continually advance professional knowledge and skill


·Bachelor’s degree in science or in secondary education with a minor/concentration in chemistry, biology, physics or any applied science

· At least three years of successful high school science teaching required

· Knowledge of NGSS curriculum is a plus

· Professional educator’s license to teach high school science; Reading and/or ESL/Bilingual endorsement a plus

·Technologically literate including using Microsoft Office is required

· Experience teaching in a laboratory setting desired

·Ability to maintain a high sense of confidentiality

·Ability to work with a wide variety of people

·Ability to work equally well as a team member and as an individual with minimal supervision

· Exceptional organization and time management skills

·Above average customer service attitude

·Excellent oral and written communication skills

· Ability to speak English and Spanish fluently preferred

· Strong telephone skills and ability to maintain composure under pressure

· Dependability and punctuality

· Strong project management skills, attention to detail, and ability to effectively manage multiple projects at one time

· Ability to adhere to deadlines and manage unpredictable events and changes effectively

Additional Information

Submit cover letter with resume, salary expectations, a completed application (located on our Careers page), and any other information listed above as “additional attachments” when you apply.

Instituto del Progreso Latino is an Equal Opportunity Employer.