Enterprise Solutions Engineer

  • Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
  • Full-time
  • Department: Core Operations
  • Office: Yangon (Myanmar)

Company Description

At Infobip we dream big. We value creativity, persistence and innovation, passionately believing that it is through teamwork that we can all reach greater heights. Since 2006,  we have been innovating at the edge of technological possibilities and are now shaping global communications of the future. Through 60+ offices on six continents, Infobip’s platform is used by almost 70% of the population, making it the largest network of its kind and the only full-stack cloud communication platform (cPaaS) globally. Join us on our mission to create life-changing interactions between humans and online services with new and unseen solutions.

Why is this role important at Infobip?

Our platform is the heart of Infobip, processing up to 200 million transactions daily, but having a 24/7 world-wide support is what makes it so great. To maintain traffic flow and 99.99% platform uptime, it is essential to monitor, solve and prevent technical glitches that affect the client experience. Enterprise Solutions Engineers deal with complex integrations of Infobip solutions, strict support and various maintenance tasks, mainly in financial institutions. As an Enterprise Solutions Engineer, you will directly impact both the day-to-day qualities of our platform, its solutions and satisfaction of our clients.

You know you are doing a good job when:

  • Problems are quickly resolved in a highly professional manner, in varying critical and non-critical situations.
  • Platform and solutions KPIs are closely monitored to ensure that issues are resolved and internal resources are available.
  • Clients receive clear and accurate information in a matter of minutes.
  • You proactively suggest new implementation of monitoring systems, processes, procedures and rules to prevent downtime and performance issues.
  • You provide continuous feedback to our internal teams of engineers to improve our products based on the needs of our clients.
  • Sales team members are educated on technical specifics of products with a goal to streamline the client on-boarding and troubleshooting process and improve the success of sales in meetings
  • You serve as a communication link between local office personnel and CORE operations department

More about you:

  • You have 3-7  years of working experience
  • You are an engineering enthusiast looking to build a career in a dynamic environment and work in a fast-paced evolving company.
  • You are analytical and like to troubleshoot. It’s not strange for you to spend some time digging to the root cause and solving issues permanently.
  • You are eager about the technology, you like to try different approaches and you are comfortable with being a “jack of all trades”.
  • Your care about the clients. You can clearly interpret client requirements and you can figure out a solution based on them.
  • You are a team player. You like to help, educate, present and share your knowledge. You know that being supportive is a mindset; it’s in your true nature to be equally supportive to both your clients and your colleagues.
  • You are familiar with the basics of SQL, computer networks and system administration
  • You are willing to embark on short-timed travels around the world for on-site deployment or consultation.
  • You speak fluently to clients, partners, colleagues and engineering teams alike in English.

Why our employees choose us and stay?

  • Great environment – Wonderful team spirit, creativity and persistence are the drivers of our company. We are a fast-growing international company and you will be in the center of its progress in your dedicated region.
  • Learning – Our employees go through an extensive training period and are considered experts in the industry. This job is an excellent chance to grow into an Enterprise Solutions superstar with exceptional knowledge of IT and telecom industry.
  • Mobility – Opportunity to embark on exciting business trips to help our clients and partners achieve market leadership.
  • Compensation – We strive to provide a competitive benefits package for our employees.
  • Awesome clients – We serve and partner with the majority of the leading mobile operators, OTTs, brands, banks, social networks, aggregators and many more. 
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