Incident Response specialists within cyber and information security

  • Strandvejen 54, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark
  • Full-time
  • Office: Hellerup

Job Description

We are looking for new enthusiastic colleagues who will join us to become world class practitioners in building and executing critical Incident Response and Forensic services in the cyber and information security domain. 

At The Tech Collective Incident Responders, we support organisations in recovering from critical cyber security incidents – and stay ahead of such by preparing and training incident response teams. To achieve the best possible results on incident response, we combine analytical thinking and intuitive understanding with experience, big data and automated analytics.  

We are both practitioners and trainers and we use the latest digital tooling combined with our experience and pragmatic approach while being sensitive to both business objectives, people under heavy stress and the organizational dynamics when an organisation is under attack or facing a major crisis.  

Last but not least, we actively involve people who are part of the incident response processes – we call this collaborative consulting. It may be about technical skills on the surface, but we know that it is also very much the ability to quickly deliver impact and interact efficiently with the defending organisation that can make the difference in a crisis. That is what we do! 

Do you have what it takes? 

  • To lead and assist our customers in preparing and executing complex cyber and information security incident response 

  • To work with strategies around incident response standards and frameworks 

  • To develop and be part of scaling a world class incident response service in close cooperation with the cyber and information security practice at Implement 

  • A high stress tolerance to be calm and efficient during crisis management and incident response 

  • Experience in performing red & purple team testing 


We are looking for people who: 

  • Are known experts in the cyber incident response domain. 

  • Have a relevant background – education, training, certifications, experience 

  • Hold at least one relevant master’s degree or experience and training to match this 

  • As a minimum have 3-7 years of experience with cyber and information security, incident response and forensics. 

  • Work in a structured and focused manner with the ability to handle complex problems 

  • Understand IT at a detailed and granular level and how IT supports business needs 

  • Are dedicated to working in a fast-paced growth team  

  • Are fluent in spoken and written English 

You are focused on creating results, and you believe in an appreciative approach to the execution of change. You can be normative but are aware that nothing is black and white. You love diversity and are analytical and emphatic. In your future job, you wish to take on both the role of savior, adviser and project manager, and you are interested in working with several aspects of the job as a cyber incident responder. 

What do we offer 

We offer an attractive performance-related remuneration package as well as excellent development opportunities among highly competent and ambitious colleagues. We work with a high degree of freedom with responsibility and support each other in our efforts to constantly become better at helping our clients. 

We offer a unique culture, helpful colleagues and joining The Tech Collective Incident Responders is a unique opportunity to develop personally, help to protect what is important in our society and be part of a brand new highly specialized growth business unit.  

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