Store secretary

  • Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • Full-time

Company Description

Do you value simplicity, cost-consciousness, a humble attitude, and willpower? Then an IKEA career may be right for you.

Job Description


This role needs a confident specialist that is comfortable working in a dynamic management level environment, that can easily identify and place business needs first and follow up with all stakeholders effectively, securing all store management stationary needs, coordinating travel and guest welcoming arrangements.



·         Maintains office procedures and filling system.

-      Ensures keeping copies of important documents going and incoming for filling.

-      Collect documents for store manager approvals.

-      Keeping company policy and procedures and confidential matter for filling.

-      Keeping of company cars and compound agreements paperwork and keys.

·         Schedules, coordinates minutes and reports store management meetings and visitors’ appointments.

-       Receive guest and taking schedule for the meeting.

-       Attending management meeting to take the minutes of meeting as per the schedule.

-       Follow-up meeting for the department manager by sending e-mails.

-       Calendar should be intact, updated and monitored.

·         Follow-up with departments Managers on action items to be reported in staff meetings.

-      Ex: Store coworkers tertial update gathering ARC follow up.

·         Prepares and updates Store Management Team’s vacation schedule.

-       Prepare vacation schedule of the management team, ensure no conflict from everyone.

-       Prepare vacation and business trip arrangements for management team, by coordinating with our Travel agency vendors.

·         Welcomes store external and IKEA guests from other units.

-      Prepare “welcome board” at store coworker entrance with IKEA visitors’ names.

-      Keeps track and receive external store visitors from the coworker entrance.

·         Updates and reports on progress achieved in business plan.

-       Updated and collect the store actions from each department head and reported to the store manager.

·         Prepares and update Store Management office annual budget comparative report.

-      Consolidate, maintain and update budget with store Business navigation & operations manager for store management office expenditure.

·         Maintenance of office equipment, manuals and furnishing.

-      Keeping inventory list of office supplies, office equipment, manuals, magazine, furnishing etc.

-      Maintains adequate supply of stationery and office supplies.

-      Ensures having monthly inventory of the office supplies and keeping intact stocks.

·         Ensures proper utilization and maintenance of conference and resources rooms.

-       Handling booking and maintenance of the conference room, ensure everybody has fair use of booking accordingly.

-       Preserves and demonstrate proper use of the store facilities and equipment.


Performs other duties and responsibilities as required for smooth efficient operation.



- Bachelor degree or Diploma in English, Business, or Project management.



Has excellent written and spoken English and Arabic, can articulate self in a business-formal manner.



2-3 years’ experience working in retail, FMCG, and consulting.

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