IF&B Co-worker (part-time) / (موظف مطعم (دوام جزئي

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Come help us create a better everyday life for the many people. That’s the IKEA vision. We do that by offering a wide range of home furnishings with good design and function at prices so low that as many people will be able to afford them.

Do you value simplicity, cost-consciousness, a humble attitude and willpower? Then an IKEA career may be right for you.

We strive for excellent leadership to lead business and people together. We believe people learn and develop best when they perform and deliver in the real world.

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IF&B Co-worker (part-time) / (موظف مطعم (دوام جزئي

1. Attract visitors to the IKEA store
2. Offer a range that appeals to the many people on the market
3. Strengthen the low-price profile of the IKEA store
4. Strengthen the quality perception of the IKEA store
5. Contribute to a day out for the whole family
6. Strengthen the Swedish profile of the IKEA store
7. Build trust for the IKEA store among customers, co-workers and suppliers
8. Ensure that IKEA co-workers get a good meal for a low price
9. Serve the many store visitors
10. Be efficient and generate a reasonable profit

  1. جذب الزوار إلى متجر ايكيا
  2. تقديم مميز لمجموعة المنتجات للعديد من الناس في السوق
  3. تعزيز هوية السعر المنخفض لمقهى ايكيا
  4. تعزيز مفهوم الجودة لمقهى ايكيا
  5. المساهمة خلق يوم سعيد لجميع أفراد الأسرة
  6. تعزيز الهوية السويدية لمقهى ايكيا
  7. بناء الثقة بين العملاء وزملاء العمل والموردين لمقهى ايكيا
  8. ضمان حصول زملاء العمل في ايكيا على وجبة جيدة بسعر منخفض
  9. خدمة العديد من زوار المتجر
  10. الفاعلية و الإنتاجية لتحقيق ربح معقول

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موظف مقهى/مطعم بدوام جزئي

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