First Visual Merchandiser

  • Full-time

Company Description

Come help us create a better everyday life for the many people. That’s the IKEA vision. We do that by offering a wide range of home furnishings with good design and function at prices so low that as many people will be able to afford them.

Do you value simplicity, cost-consciousness, a humble attitude and willpower? Then an IKEA career may be right for you.

We strive for excellent leadership to lead business and people together. We believe people learn and develop best when they perform and deliver in the real world.

Job Description

• You are responsible to lead the work in planning and implementing range presentation solutions throughout the IKEA store with the goal of increasing sales, strengthening the stores task as a leading home furnishing specialist that provide smart solutions and inspiration

• Support the Market hall areas as well as Add on sales of Market hall range in the Showroom with visual merchandising technique to increase commerciality

  • Coordinate with the sales department when new items arriving, and arrange a plan together to display those items.
  • Develop actions needed to be taken in order to improve your area and follow up on the results.
  • Follow up on the sales results of each HFB, and provide the support needed.
  • Prepare an inventory checklist on the tools in hand, and submit the checklist for acknowledgment to the department manager.

• Create an action plan for your area of responsibility and communicate it to the com & in manager, co-workers & colleagues.

• You are responsible to lead the work brief process together with the sales managers and logistics manager

• Make visual check of all the sales areas of your responsibility, on daily basis, and ensure that these areas are well maintained and that the store is ready to receive customers.

• In co-operation with the 1st Interior Designer ensure that functional and inspirational display solutions are in line with running commercial activities

• Ensuring the synergy between the Visual Merchandisers andآ Interior Designers teams

• Maintain good relationship with the com & in manager and meet with him weekly to follow-up on pending issues, get updates, new information and future plans.

• Maintain good relationship with the group leaders of the different HFBs, and meet with them on periodic basis and walk together through the areas and review all medias, display techniques including sales steering and price and product communication, hot spots, price ladder, lighting and customer flow analysis.


General experience

• At least 5 years experience within the Communication & Interior Design department in one or more Retail companies.

• Or 2 years experience at an IKEA store and documented competence and experience from other companies and schools

• Must be able to take the lead in planning, presentation and implementation of range presentation solutions and lead the routines of the Com & In department

Communication skills

• Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• Must be able to share knowledge and learning

• Must be able to build working relationships

• Must be able to speak and understand English

Leadership skills

• Must be able to lead and supervise the work of highly specialized and competent co workers

• Must be able to plan and lead the competence development plans of specialist co workers

Additional Information

Preferable candidates most have:

• Deep competence in the IKEA Concept

• Knowing the content of all relevant IKEA manuals, IKEA Ideas and IKEA toolbox

• Passion for interior design, home furnishing

• Project leader experience having managed a group of co workers and achieving time plans and budgets



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