Senior Software Engineer - Aviation B2B SaaS

  • Christians Brygge 28, København, Denmark
  • Full-time

Company Description

IFS is a modern Danish SaaS company, set to bring tech innovation to the aviation industry.

Our mission is to make flight operations feel simple and we do so by removing any manual obstacles on the way and providing a customizable platform that seamlessly integrates all flight operation requirements in one place.

We're currently on a transformational path taking our product from good to groundbreaking and are uniquely positioned in the market to enable this innovative development.

Our new solutions are running on the latest tech:

  • Backend in .Net Core deployed on Azure App Services via Azure DevOps CI/CD
  • App in Xamarin (soon 5), deployed via AppCenter CI/CD
  • Prism, Automapper and other goodies

Job Description

What can you expect?

We constantly improve and love experimenting with new technologies that stand in line with our business needs. We strive to choose the best solution no matter who came up with it, our hierarchy is flat and we take technical decisions together. We're not afraid of making mistakes; we're afraid of team members who won't admit their mistakes.

Our vision is to build a team where members come from different backgrounds and eventually work across the entire stack. Over time we will introduce you to the parts you are less familiar with, so that you can equally well contribute across our entire stack.


The ideal candidate

  • is a team player
  • believes in ownership and accountability
  • has > 7 years of coding experience
  • and > 3 years C#, and Microsoft SQL Server experience
  • Xamarin experience is a plus, the desire to learn is a must
  • is interested in relocation to Copenhagen


We don't mind formal education, but as part of our recruitment process, we want to put your skills to a test. This means, that the first stage of your application involves solving our riddle.

We believe it's the best way to show us that you have the right skills, and we hope we managed to make it fun. 

So, if you’re ready to take the first step, follow the link to the riddle -

We can't provide much guidance but only a small hint - it's not about guessing, it's about using your dev-superpowers to find it ;)

Important - please submit your application only after you've solved the riddle. You will find all the instructions after solving it. 

Good luck!